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Laurence Vincent’s “Brand Real”: Worth the read?

Brand Real: How Smart Companies Live their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty

By Laurence Vincent

272 pages

The big idea: Too often, businesspeople believe “brand” is synonymous with “logo.” And Laurence Vincent is here to remind us that just isn’t the case. “Brands stand for something, or they shouldn’t stand at all,” he asserts in this real-world-friendly strategy book. A brand is a promise that a company consistently keeps, not a bandage for a broken business in the form of graphic design. With that foundation, Laurence guides the novice marketer through an easy-to-read explanation of creating, positioning, scaling and developing loyal supporters for a memorable brand, bolstered by both famous and lesser-known case studies.

Read it: Are your customers confused about what your company offers or represents? Do they forget your company exists or simply choose your chief competitor? If your answers are yes, Brand Real might help you figure out why — and how to fix the problem.

Skip it: Brand Real’s message isn’t a new idea — just one that we often forget when we’re wrapped up in day-to-day complexities. It’s a refreshing reminder for the entrenched executive, but it’s nothing groundbreaking for most marketing professionals. CEO

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