Lauren Boyer

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2002
Industry: Healthcare and media/PR

Lauren Boyer

Underscore Marketing

Underscore Marketing CEO Lauren Boyer left her job at Wyeth Consumer Healthcare to found her own company because she was committed to the idea of creating the ad agency of the future. She believed she could create a company in which excellence and profitability were balanced with giving employees career advancement opportunities, rewarding engagements and good work-life interplay. What’s more, as a former client of advertising agencies, Boyer had a vision for Underscore to be the partner she had always sought out when she was in the client’s position.

Quick Tip: “While we would almost never pick the curve balls we get thrown, it’s an amazing leap when you finally hit the home run.”

Eventually, Boyer’s former employer, Wyeth, became a major client that contributed a significant portion of Underscore’s revenue. When Wyeth was sold to Pfizer, it stopped working with Underscore, putting Boyer’s company in a tough spot. She persevered, despite having to make many sacrifices, and put the company back on track within a year. By remaining positive, championing her team and not allowing the situation to crush her passion, she helped Underscore make a significant leap forward.

Boyer gives back to her own team by enabling them to do their best work, and by providing structure, resources, training and mentorship to employees at all levels. Underscore gives back to its community as well through annual donations to health and social causes. These causes are determined by employee input, and Boyer is also committed to donating her own time.