Kim Manocherian

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1973
Industry: Health and wellness

Kim Manocherian
President and CEO

New York Health & Racquet Club

Kim Manocherian’s father founded New York Health & Racquet Club (NYHRC) decades ago because he exercised daily, and saw that there were very limited options for health clubs in the city. Today, NYHRC emphasizes its community aspect, and inspires its members to maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle through partnerships with golf and swim clubs, basketball tournaments, salsa dancing and more.

Quick Tip: “When you love what you do, whether in the workplace or beyond, leadership emerges naturally.”

As a family business, NYHRC has the ability to create a very personal experience, says Manocherian. “When you have a genuine interest in your members and are truly invested in creating the most personable experience possible for them, it really shows,” she says. That’s why her favorite part of working at NYHRC is heading down to the clubs and hearing directly from members.

Beyond the workplace, Manocherian is just as active in the community. NYHRC is the official health club for the American Heart Association in New York City, and recently participated in the Go Red for Women Campaign. This year, NYHRC is partnering with the association for National Walking Day to educate New Yorkers on the benefits of walking for 30 minutes each day. Additionally, the company helps high school students apply to college, and funds application fees.