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Location: Norwalk, CT
Founded: 2008
Industry: Technology

Kathleen Roberge
VP of Global Sales


As VP of global sales at etouches, Kathleen Roberge is focused on growing and expanding the company’s software around the world. For the last two years in particular, she has worked to create a team around the globe that operates with integrity, passion, knowledge and commitment. During her tenure, the team has grown from eight employees to 40, and has expanded into new regions including Canada, the Middle East and Singapore.

Quick Tip: “Trusting those around you to step up when needed is necessary from time to time, and people actually thrive in these situations.”

“Sales people have one of the more challenging careers that I can think of. They face more rejection, negativity and unanswered questions than any other profession,” says Roberge. That’s why, as a leader of a sales team, Roberge places an emphasis on motivation, encouragement and support. She has created “Kathleen’s 6 Cs of Leadership” to help her demonstrate strong leadership for the team: custom approach, commitment, communication, creativity, career ladders and community service.

Roberge’s leadership skills served her well when, four months into her career with etouches, she developed a health issue that required major surgery. With everyone on the sales team reporting directly to her, Roberge was worried her illness would impact the company’s results. Instead, Roberge led as best she could during recovery, and her team rallied around her and achieved its highest-performing month of the year.