Kathleen Finnegan

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Location: Bay Shore, NY
Founded: 2011
Industry: Healthcare

Kathleen Finnegan

Centerspan LLC

Centerspan LLC provides home-access solutions to healthcare providers and retail clients around the U.S., but according to CEO Kathleen Finnegan, there’s more to it than that. “I view Centerspan as a customer service company that happens to sell home-access equipment,” she says. “We seek to employ people and continuously do business with people who believe as we do and are driven by our passion for customer service.”

Fun Fact: “I am a Eucharistic minister in my local parish. Every Sunday morning, I deliver communion to people who are bedridden and unable to attend Mass within my parish.”

Finnegan experienced her biggest challenge as CEO during the company’s first year in business. “We lost our largest account due to a technicality that was rectified within a six-month period,” she says. “During this suspension, I moved the business forward by developing our [presence] in other geographic areas within the U.S., and also expanded into internet retail sales.”

Whenever Centerspan experiences a setback, Finnegan’s goal is to own it because, as she puts it, “whether your team succeeds or fails, it’s all on you.” Finnegan embraces this philosophy of ownership both in the workplace and at home. “I continuously stress self-examination without blame or self-pity. Many people solely manufacture their own problems and misery.”