Kathleen Brennan

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Location: Bohemia, NY
Founded: 2009
Industry: Employee benefit insurance

Kathleen Brennan

360 Insurance Services

When Kathleen Brennan started 360 Insurance Services, she was a single mother. “I had left an executive position that I loved because questionable business practices started to be deployed,” she says. “On my own, with my son to support, I began my business.”

Quick Tip: “Leadership is more than managing people. The essence of leadership is to inspire and to lead by example.”    

Brennan believed that the cost of employee benefits was getting out of hand, and that a lack of understanding about how coverage worked could lead to disappointment for both businesses and employees. The benefits landscape became even more complex after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and businesses needed help. “360 Insurance Services saw this need, and we developed systems and procedures to guide and support business with meeting ACA requirements,” says Brennan.

One of Brennan’s passions is helping other women succeed. “I entered the business world wide-eyed and eager for success, thinking that nothing could hold me back. I was surprised by what I found,” she says. “My field was dominated by men. Women worked there too, but in support roles. I worked and competed with men for businesses on their level. The men would support each other. … I believe that women need to support, mentor and encourage each other and develop a network, like men.” To further that end, Brennan serves on the board of directors for the Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition.