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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1996
Industry: Legal services, international business transactions consulting services

Juliette Passer
President and General Counsel

International Project Development Group

While Juliette Passer was working at a major law firm in New York, she met a few spirited young entrepreneurs who wanted to work with the firm. The firm’s managing partners told Passer she could work with them on her own, and that was the beginning of her private practice. Eventually, those little startups grew into major regional players, and as they developed, International Project Development Group supported them.

Fun Fact: Passer plays in a harp duo with her mother. Occasionally, her son joins in on the cello.

After leaving the large firm to strike out on her own, Passer decided she would do things differently. Rather than chasing clients down for billing, International Project Development Group provides them with a credit line so they can continue to grow their business without becoming burdened by heavy legal fees. This, as well as Passer’s Russian language skills, has helped her bridge cultural gaps to work with clients not only in the U.S. and Panama, but globally. In addition, Passer focuses on always offering the best to clients and employees alike.

Prior to her career in law, Passer became a professional harpist, studying at Juilliard and graduating from the Manhattan School of Music. That’s why Passer has a particular “soft spot” for performers, often representing them as pro-bono clients. What’s more, International Project Development Group has started a charity ballet program in both New York and Panama.