John Gallin and Son Inc.

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Christopher Gallin
Family Business Honoree

Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1886
Industry: General construction
Generations: 5


John Gallin and Son, Inc.

Christopher Gallin

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: “John Gallin, with his small mason business, could not have had any idea that what he founded in 1886 would evolve into the John Gallin and Son, Inc. that exists today,” says president Christopher Gallin. “He would … be very proud of the integrity, commitment and loyalty of his descendants.” Despite the many decades that have passed, Gallin says the founder’s integrity is still at the company’s core. “Our word is our bond. A contract does not define our relationships with clients,” he says.

Fun Fact: “We tell people all the time that we are the functional family you rarely hear about. Truly, we all get along and work together to produce the best effort and product.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: The majority of Gallins start their work at John Gallin and Son working as laborers in the field during summer breaks from college. If they enjoy the work and the company’s culture, they often come on full time and work their way up. Gallin says all family members are given an opportunity to join the company and grow.

CULTURAL VALUES: Gallin likens his company’s culture to that of a large family in which everyone is working to accomplish daily chores. “This can only be done by allowing those in charge to do what is necessary, discussing different views and supporting the final decision,” says Gallin. “This philosophy is practiced every day so that the next generation can see that it is in the DNA of our company.”

LASTING LEGACY: In today’s market, Gallin says companies have the ability to grow significantly over a short period of time, but that it’s important to tread cautiously. Gallin plans to preserve the firm, its legacy and its culture by making sure its growth is organic and that the company can adapt nimbly to changes in the market.