Janna Mullaney

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Location: Lutherville, MD
Industry: Healthcare

Years in role: 8
Years at company: 30

Janna Mullaney
Executive Director of Operations for Maryland

Katzen Eye Group

LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING: Janna Mullaney, executive director of operations for Maryland, has been with Katzen Eye Group since she was 17. “I think my team members find it inspiring that I’ve been in their shoes, I’ve worked in those positions and I know how to take them to the next level,” she says. “I’ve dealt with the years of growth and the years of quiet, so by watching how I’ve worked through the system in the last 30 years and what I’ve been able to accomplish, I hope to inspire the superstars that I believe can make the same move.”

QUICK TIP: “Try not to lose your temper at work, no matter the chaos.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: One major initiative for Katzen Eye Group was the switch to electronic medical records a decade ago. Mullaney was ready to own that project entirely. “Not necessarily because I asked for it, not necessarily because it was assigned. It just sort of happened that way, and we have been one of the biggest success stories in the ophthalmic community for our very successful implementation at such an early stage.”

DRIVING VALUE: Katzen Eye Group has grown tremendously over Mullaney’s tenure, from a family practice to a large healthcare business with several hundred employees. That transition has sometimes been a challenge, “but if you aren’t changing, you are standing still, and that just doesn’t work anymore,” she says.