It’s Always Christmas in NY, Inc.

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Neslihan Hidirligil and Fatih Hidirligil
Family Business Honoree

Location: Hauppauge, NY
Founded: 2004
Industry: Retail and entertainment
Generations: 1

Its Always Christmas in NY, Inc.

Neslihan Hidirligil
Founder and CEO

Fatih Hidirligil
Founder and CFO

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: In 2004, Fatih and Neslihan Hidirligil participated in New York City’s Fetes de Noel Christmas celebration in Bryant Park. The experience was so pleasant that the husband-and-wife team decided to bring that Christmas joy to customers year round. Today, the company operates in cities around the country, and takes care to make sure each customer connects with the Christmas spirit through its staff, ornament designs and store ambiance.

Quick Tip: “When your whole family loves the business, it is not a job, but a blessing for all.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: As immigrants to the U.S., the Hidirligils don’t have other local family members who might join the company, but Neslihan Hidirligil likes to say that her son has been a part of the business since he was born. He has accompanied the couple on business trips, but he also has a desk right in Neslihan Hidirligil’s office, and he is the first person she shares her new designs with. “Being about Christmas is a special way to see things through the eyes of a child, and my son Muhammed Joseph always blesses me by what he sees and shares about my ideas and designs,” says Neslihan Hidirligil.

CULTURAL VALUES: Neslihan and Fatih Hidirligil describe their company as an extended family. During Hurricane Sandy, the company lost a great deal of business right at its peak season, and was forced to relocate. The following year, Fatih Hidirligil suffered a life-threatening medical emergency that caused complications for a year. During times like these, “my core management helped me carry the burden, just as any close family would do,” says Neslihan Hidirligil.

LASTING LEGACY: “The vision for the legacy of [It’s Always Christmas] is to embody the Christmas spirit all year long, finding ways to connect with people of all faiths and nationalities through this medium of Peace on Earth,” says Neslihan Hidirligil.