The importance of people: Corporate culture at IT Concepts

Thought Leadership on Deferred Benefits presented by IT Concepts

“Our key to success equates to PEOPLE!” Pinakin Patel

I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts on our company’s culture. Since the company’s very beginning it has been aggressive on growth. To succeed, organizations need to grow and adapt because stagnation is essentially moving backwards. In my 15 years of managing and growing organizations, I have found that the key to success equates to people. One of my favorite sayings is “There is always a win-win in every scenario.” People who work closely together, sharing common goals, always succeed. Developing a company culture is strategically important for the longevity, productivity and profitability of our company. At the end of the day, the company has to know who it is before it can figure out what it stands for, where it is going and how it is going to get there.

The company’s culture is the personality of an organization, along with shared values and behaviors that make it unique. Our culture isn’t accidental; it was designed to be a professional, yet approachable environment where people are the center of everything we do.

From a recent employee survey:

“The leaders at this company work directly with the employees. They are not above spending time working the details of anything in order to get the job done. It is clear they work as hard or harder to complete tasks at hand. Employee roadblocks are taken care of immediately and creatively. When promises are made they get followed through on, every time.”

We feel we are making positive strides in achieving our goal with our company’s culture. IT Concepts was recently awarded one of Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. In the end, our culture is a positive reflection of our employees supporting our company’s beliefs and values. Since starting IT Concepts, we have had the privilege of delivering for government and commercial clients. We have embodied our mission statement: “To combine the drive of talented individuals with the expertise of seasoned professionals in an atmosphere of teamwork, integrity, honesty and passion to create innovative solutions that cultivate IT and business excellence.”

In the very competitive space of government consulting, our human capital advantage is the single most important asset we possess. Discovering the company’s personality is interesting and fun, but the real value and power is putting it to use. I’m proud of all we have achieved in such a short period and not deviating from the identity that makes us unique. Let’s continue to deliver for our customers and always look for the win-win.

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