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During our two-day course, we will use an EQ assessment, group discussions and skill-building exercises to build our emotional awareness, and learn to apply it to our workplaces. The course will also give you the opportunity to identify your own personal challenges in maintaining positive environments and collaborative relationships, as well as overcoming resistance and negativity. Participants will explore tools, techniques, skills and perceptions that will ultimately help you perform your role and manage your emotions.


Rocco Cocchiarale
Insights Leadership, LLC
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Rocco Cocchiarale has had an extensive career in various segments of Leadership Development including learning strategies, facilitation, executive coaching and change management. He has designed, managed and facilitated leadership, coaching and functional programs from entry-level manager through executive leader. After a 25-year career leading HR functions and programs at American Express, GE Capital, GE Jack Welch Crotonville Leadership Training Center and Avon, Rocco has established a training and consulting practice specializing in curriculum design, training delivery and facilitation, team building and executive coaching. He was part of the team that rationalized both the GE Capital Curriculum and the GE Crotonville Leadership curriculum and then led the rationalization and design of Avon’s Global Curriculum.

A graduate of GE’s Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Network (ALFN) he then managed and facilitated the program including a cohort of internal coaches and facilitators, reducing the number and cost of hiring external coaches and facilitators. Rocco managed designed and taught at all levels of GE and Avon including facilitating the diversity segment of GE’s MDC program and managed and facilitated GE’s Executive Leadership Development Symposium (ELDS) and Avon’s University programs that included several Action Learning projects. Currently facilitating and coaching for GE’s innovative ELC program for Executive Band employees and coaching for Crotonville’s MDC program.

Rocco has consulted, designed, delivered or managed programs for the following companies:

American Express | Avon Products | GE Crotonville | Aetna Insurance | FGIC  | Hershey’s | GE Appliances and Lighting | Johnson and Johnson | GE Healthcare | Latham and Watkins, LLP | GE Energy | AbbVie Pharmaceuticals | GE Capital | Microsoft | Princess House | Brose Techik für Automobile | McKinsey & Co. | Saudi Aramco | Benteler Automotive

At Avon Rocco not only rationalized the curriculum but was in charge of redesigning the entire curriculum for global delivery. This included the first line manager program through the Avon University programs specializing in Direct Sales, Commercial Marketing and General Management.

Rocco Created Avon’s flagship 3-week “University” programs for Direct Selling, Commercial Marketing, and General Management. These programs use of live simulations incorporating extensive functional skills training with experiential leadership experiences and immediate feedback. The Action Learning components of these programs contributed to the launch of uniform business models and marketing collateral for sales and recruitment across the globe and advancement of several business leaders.

Rocco has been tapped to provide global one-on-one executive coaching for director-level and above high-potentials. Helping executives gain focus and clarity to develop a business vision, strategy, and results. Leveraging and certified in several development tools, including: 360 assessment tools, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Hogan Leadership Forecast Series ,Insights Discovery, EQi360 and Lominger models to help executives and businesses move forward and meet their goals.

Rocco brings a diverse background to his training and leadership. He has a background and degrees in education and the performing arts (Opera, theatre, dance) as well as an interest in Mixed Martial Arts and photography.


  • Ohio University – Bachelors of Education
  • University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana – Masters of Music Performance
  • New York University – Diploma of Human Resource Management


  • Meyers Briggs (MBTI)
  • Hogan Assessment Series
  • Insights Discovery
  • EQ-I 360 (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Lominger Voices, Choices and Via Edge
  • Interaction Styles

Areas of Expertise:

  • Emotional Intelligence workshop
  • Strategic Thinking workshop
  • Classroom Facilitation, Meeting Facilitation
  • Action Learning Design and Facilitation
  • Curriculum review and design
  • Executive Coaching
  • Change Management using Appreciative Inquiry and Change Acceleration Process (CAP)

Level/type of Individual Clients Served Within Organizations:

  • Corporate Officers and Senior Executives
  • Mid-Level Management and High Potentials Directors
  • Leadership and Functional programs (Direct Sales, Marketing, General Management)

About Insights Leadership, LLC: Experienced working with senior executives and their teams in a variety of large, complex, global environments to focus business strategies, determine gaps in their ability to execute these strategies and create the required organizational competencies to meet the most challenging business goals.


  • Organizational learning – Strategy and Design
  • Senior Team offsites
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Assessments/ Team Building

In summary, Insights Leadership:

1) Streamlines the design, development, deployment and delivery of training, eliminating waste and redundancy

2) Networks corporate professionals, to ensure they learn from one another – helping design, develop and deploy world class custom learning solutions, one course at a time

3) Assesses and creatively solves workforce transformation, optimization and organizational change management needs, focusing on addressing: Strategic Consulting Services

Executive Education Topics: