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Power to your people: Why a more egalitarian approach is in your company’s best interest

Shifting demographics, technology-enabled transparency and a fierce battle for talent have led to a significant power shift in the workplace.
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A Goldilocks economy? Experts disagree on whether 2017 landscape will be hot or cold

2016 has been a year of disagreements. It has often seemed like no one could quite work out their differences
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angel investors

Why angel investors are willing to bet it all on promising startups, and how you can get in on the action

When you invest in the stock market, you have help. The risk of losing your money is mitigated by mounds
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Dispersed workforce

Getting it together: A dispersed workforce might be your secret weapon in the war for talent

Today’s businesses have the opportunity to not just take on a city, or a state or a region, but the
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Beating a dead horse: The right and wrong ways to use buzzwords, jargon and clichés

Big data shows that innovation when it comes to communication in the business world is dead, so it’s time for
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Social media

Facebook flubs and Tumblr tragedies: How to engage unhappy customers on social platforms

Despite countless examples of major brands falling on hard times at the hands of bad social media strategy, companies continue
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Facing your franchising fears: Is the franchise model a good fit for your business?

For most CEOs, franchising is a scary word. It comes shrouded in baffling regulations, endless documents and so many other
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Bustling businesses and bursting bubbles: The economists’ view of 2016

Leading economists offer their insights on major sources of concern for business owners, and industries with enormous potential for growth
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The good, the bad and the irrelevant: CEOs share advice they have received

While taking advice from those who have been there and done that is important, learning to pick out the good
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Feedback, appreciation and benefits: How to improve your retention rate

Business owners often don’t take the time to analyze the success of their retention efforts before it’s too late. So
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Make innovation manageable by building the right culture and processes

Almost every business wants to be the next big innovator in its industry. So how do you find that great
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Content marketing

How content marketing on social media can boost your brand

The growth of social media has given every company the chance to tell its own story. Businesses can now publish
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How to find your company’s value beyond the numbers

Growth planning plays a vital role in the success of your business. But before you can sit down and say,
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Make corporate social responsibility work for your business

Business owners all over the country are seeing increasing demand for their company’s participation in philanthropy as younger generations enter
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Risk and reward: How to ensure your M&A transaction is profitable

No one goes into a merger or acquisition planning for it to fail, but there’s no guarantee that any M&A
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Talent management tips: People, not positions

Millennials — that nebulous generation with no generally accepted start and end dates — are taking the workforce by storm,
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