Innovator by Tom Loveland

Why a simple solution is always the best solution

We had no idea what to do. We left our planning meeting with the new client and drove back to the office in near silence. Normally, we leave these meetings with a plan, or at least an idea. But this one had us stumped.
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Don’t let your software age until it’s too late for an upgrade

As years pass without attention, the path between your critical system and a successful refresh becomes rough, potholes appear, then even the bridges fall away. The further behind you fall, the more difficult — and expensive — your upgrade process becomes.
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How one corporate services firm got ready for sales success

Our corporate services client was priming to take over a big chunk of the market dominated by a handful of conglomerates. The sales executives knew the profile of their best targets: related companies — sharing some common ownership or management — operating in multiple states. They also knew the big guys weren’t pursuing these under-the-radar targets.
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How one venture capital firm’s software investment went wrong

After too many months and too much money, the tech company was finally reporting that it was just a few minor tweaks away from launching the shiny, new custom software system that would make life so much better for the partners of the high-powered venture capital firm.
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How to make sure your technology keeps up with your growth

The good news: The online education company was revolutionizing the industry and growing like gangbusters, providing a virtual education experience to thousands of students across the country.
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Case study: The courage to leave a failing project behind

The company was a go-to contractor for collecting and transporting x-rays, charts and other private patient information between hospitals, specialists and doctors’ offices.
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Business lessons learned from an IT crisis

The call from the West Coast came on a Monday afternoon. The caller (a CEO we’ll name Lois) was on day three of a total system shutdown. She was officially in crisis. Lois’ firm — a 24/7 public records research firm that earns all of its revenue from online transactions — had gone offline.
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How Hopkins’ CIO built a collaborative IT culture

Stephanie Reel had what some may categorize as an insurmountable challenge — pull some of the best doctors in the world away from their hectic schedules to chat about IT. Tapping her penchant for innovative thinking, Reel, CIO for all divisions of the Johns Hopkins University and Health System, guessed that maybe the way to a doctor’s heart was through the stomach, not the sternum.
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This technology helps companies visualize the future

When was the last time you visualized your company’s operations? I’m not talking about a spreadsheet or a slide deck or a new arrangement of chairs. Have you taken a few hours recently to sit back, think out loud and try to form a picture of how your business might look in the future?
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How Under Armour is innovating systems awareness

Jody Giles is the CIO at Under Armour and the Loyola University of Maryland Sellinger School of Business Lattanze Executive of the Year for 2013. Giles has made his mark as a strong leader who instinctively understands the specific ways that technology supports business goals, and he has a contagious excitement for what technology can do.
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ABOUT TOM LOVELAND: Tom Loveland is founder and CEO of Mind Over Machines, an IT strategy and application design