ICC Logistics Services, Inc.

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Tony Nuzio

Location: Hicksville, NY
Founded: 1975
Industry: Logistics consulting,
transportation, supply chain management
Generations: 3


ICC Logistics Services, Inc.

Tony Nuzio
Founder and CEO

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: ICC Logistics Services, Inc. has helped hundreds of companies improve their revenue by identifying and erasing inefficiencies in transportation, logistics and supply chain processes. To ensure that ICC’s values remain strong through future generations, the company has created a “Client Bill of Rights” reflecting the principles that have held true for the last 40 years.

Fun Fact ICC started at a small kitchen table in Queens, where Nuzio audited freight bills each night after his day job ended.

ONBOARDING FAMILY: “As new generations join the team, we believe it is important that they understand every aspect of the business,” says Tony Nuzio, founder and CEO of ICC. “Everyone at our company has sorted freight bills, answered phones, updated Excel lists and opened mail. You can’t learn to run a business if you don’t know how it runs.” ICC looks for family members with experience outside the company and with related education, but the most important qualifiers are dedication and drive.

CULTURAL VALUES: ICC’s culture is rooted in the belief that every employee is integral to the business as a whole, from mailroom employees to analysts and beyond. That’s why communication and an open-door policy are crucial elements of ICC’s culture. “It is this level playing field that creates a special culture in our company, where everyone feels appreciated and heard,” says Nuzio.

LASTING LEGACY: “Our legacy is our consistent dedication to clients — period,” says Nuzio. “We intend to continue to build our legacy by thinking of new and exciting ways to support our clients and help them achieve greater business success.”