Huntington Learning Center

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Raymond and Eileen Huntington
Family Business Honoree

Location: Oradell, NJ
Founded: 1977
Industry: Education/Tutoring
Generations: 2


Huntington Learning Center

Eileen C. Huntington

Dr. Raymond J. Huntington

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: The original founders of Huntington Learning Center, a national tutoring and test prep provider, created the company with a clear mission: to give every student the best education possible. To support that mission, Huntington Learning Center’s co-founders, Eileen and Ray Huntington, created the company’s code of ethics. One of the most important messages in the code of ethics is that Huntington Learning Center professionals adhere to the highest standards when it comes to programs and services.

Fun Fact: “Collectively, Eileen, Ray, Anne and Rob are known as the 4Hs.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: The Huntingtons’ two children, Anne and Robert, have joined the family business, but both gained professional experience outside the company as well. Before taking on their leadership roles in Huntington Learning Center’s corporate office, the two also worked at many different levels of the company. Today, Anne Huntington serves as head of public-private partnerships, and Robert Huntington is the company’s SVP of development and franchise operations.

CULTURAL VALUES: Huntington Learning Center’s culture is based around the students it serves. That’s why the impact on students weighs heavily when the company makes decisions on training, expanding curricula or adopting technology. Another important element of Huntington Learning Center’s culture is its commitment to promoting from within. This has resulted in an experienced team, with members who have worked with the company for more than a decade.

LASTING LEGACY: Within the next four years, Huntington Learning Center plans to add 100 franchise centers to increase revenue and change the lives of more students. The company’s legacy is centered on its ability to provide quality tutoring and personalized support to students during their most difficult times, and its code of ethics helps it achieve this.