How do you create leaders within your company? (sponsored by Bay Bank)

Bay Bank

Compiled by Tina Irgang

SmartCEO and Bay Bank gathered a group of Baltimore Circle of Excellence finalists to discuss how they cultivate leadership in their companies. Panelists shared what ongoing training and professional development opportunities they provide their staff. SmartCEO and Bay Bank also asked the executives to weigh in on how they adapt professional development for different generations, and how they incorporate succession planning into the work of running the company.

Bay Bank

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Denise O’Neill, Owner, The Alternative Board (TAB)


David Shaffer, CEO, Tier One Technology Partners

Philip Green, President and CEO, INNOPLEX, LLC

Anna Gavin, President, The Fireline Corporation

Claudia Zacharias, President and CEO, BOC

Sean Peay, President, Dynanet Corporation

Buddy Oliver, Co-owner and and CEO, FiberPlex Technologies, LLC

Frank Avena, President and CEO, Avena Contracting LLC

Delbert Adams, Managing Partner, Partner and Co-owner, Delbert Adams Construction Group LLC

Michael Raphael, Founder and President, Direct Dimensions, Inc.

Greg Kamigawachi, President and CEO, Phoenix Operations Group

David Affeldt, CEO, GRSi

Kara DiPietro, CEO, HMC, Inc.

Nabil Sheikh, President and CEO, OmegaCor Technologies


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