Hiring for Growth, sponsored by Comcast Business (New Jersey)

Compiled by Tina Irgang

SmartCEO and Comcast Business gathered New Jersey-area CEOs to discuss their processes for hiring and training for periods of fast growth. Panelists share how they weigh applicants’ skills and cultural fit when deciding on a hire. SmartCEO and Comcast Business also asked the CEOs to weigh in on who spearheads the hiring process for their companies.


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Fay Steiger, regional vice president, SmartCEO


Alan Samuels, LEED AP, principal, Energy Squared

Mitchell H. Frumkin, PE, RS, CGP, president, Kipcon

Caryn Kopp, MBA, chief door opener, Kopp Consulting

Barry I. Skoultchi, PE, CEO, Whitman


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