Haylee Adkins

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2010
Industry: Technology

Haylee Adkins
Global Head of Client Strategy

Drawbridge, Inc.

As global head of client strategy at Drawbridge, Inc., Haylee Adkins oversees a team that acts as the face of the company. Adkins and her team work alongside partners to provide thought leadership in the digital-identity space. It is the team’s job to bridge the knowledge gap between mobile and cross-device marketing, and to arm clients with actionable data. Under Adkins’ leadership, Drawbridge’s client strategy team has strengthened its footprint.

Fun Fact: Adkins partners with Restore NYC, an organization that rehabilitates victims of sex trafficking.

When Adkins was only 14 years old, her sister was involved in an accident that left her a paraplegic. As Adkins entered the workforce and began managing teams, some of the lessons she learned through dealing with the life-altering event helped her become a better leader. Adkins says the experience enlarged her mental capacity to calmly deal with adversity, taught her what was truly important in life, and gave her the ability to empathize with the needs of others more easily.

Through the lessons Adkins learned early in life, she has been able to become an impactful leader at Drawbridge. Inside the company, Adkins provides thought leadership that helps team members educate Drawbridge’s partners, and she carves out leadership opportunities for her team to mentor others. Most importantly, Adkins mentors others herself, and makes a point of staying in the weeds with her team.