GuidePoint Security LLC

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Location: Herndon, VA
Founded: 2011
Industry: Cybersecurity solutions

2-Time Winner

GuidePoint Security LLC

Michael Volk
Managing Partner


GuidePoint Security LLC helps government and commercial organizations prevent security breaches, and identify and stop threats and attacks. Major factors that have contributed to GuidePoint’s growth include “our decision to focus exclusively on providing innovative and customized cybersecurity solutions, and being able to attract the best talent in the industry,” says managing partner Michael Volk. “Many [of our] team members hold some of the most difficult-to-acquire and highly coveted cybersecurity certifications.”

Quick Tip: “A company’s success depends greatly on the ability of the organization’s leaders to identify and hirethe right employees, and to place those individuals in the right positions.”

One of GuidePoint’s biggest challenges has been staying true to its original expansion blueprint, rather than simply opening more office locations as demand increased. “While we certainly were ambitious and passionate about our solutions and services, and wanted to extend them to new customers and markets, we wanted to evolve and grow in a way that would help us sustain the highest level of quality,” says Volk. To that end, GuidePoint embraces a regional partnership model, where owners and sales teams are regionally based, with local engineering and support resources. “This model allows our customers to have a real relationship with GuidePoint company owners,” notes Volk.