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Good Counsel by Eliot Wagonheim

Avoid crushing delicate business relationships with iron-clad contracts

The most challenging transition in business takes place in that space between courtship and contract. After having offered friendship, you are placed in the somewhat awkward position of offering a contract instead.
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A definitive guide to better contracts

In a perfect world, there would be no need for contracts because each side’s performance would meet the other side’s expectations. If, however, you want to prepare for an imperfect world, there are a few steps you must take to create better contracts, reduce your risk and get a good night’s sleep
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9 things you never say to your lawyer (if you value the relationship)

If you’re one of those people who hate their lawyer, or are even indifferent to him, make a change. If you value the relationship, then take what I’m about to say to heart.
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How to avoid dying of thirst in an ocean of advice

Thirst is second only to exposure as the leading cause of death among shipwreck survivors. Despite the headlines and nightmares, thirst is more deadly than a shark attack.
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Clarity, leadership and death: The tragic and vital business lessons of ISIS

Barely a week goes by when I don’t talk to a CEO or a management team about employee morale, recruitment, culture, motivation and turnover. In each air-conditioned conference room, as far removed from concerns of jihad and death as one could possibly be, I can’t help but think of the question raised by one facet of ISIS’s existence.
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For innovators, Bill of Rights is a better guide than the Ten Commandments

From my vantage point as a business lawyer, I see the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights as the standard bearers for two vastly different philosophies, at least where companies are concerned.
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Robot sex: Are your employees just going through the motions?

What is life? It is only in the past century that this question has become of interest beyond the realm of philosophy. The question goes beyond the well-worn notion of artificial intelligence into the very essence of life itself.
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How the online community became the new growth metric

It has been quite some time since a handshake defined the extent of our reach. Even in law, perhaps the most geographically rooted profession, a single voice can be amplified to reach a nationwide, or even a worldwide, community.
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How to prevent a zombie apocalypse at your company

The path staked out by strategic planning from the outside is where soulless companies reside, going through the motions — imitating life — without any true spark. They are the undead.
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What improv class taught me about business

Each Monday night for six weeks beginning this March, I took an improvisation class, appropriately called Improv 101, offered by Baltimore Improv Group. I thought it would be fun, and I was right. I thought it would have very little to do with business, and I was wrong.
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ABOUT ELIOT WAGONHEIM: Eliot Wagonheim is a lawyer, writer, educator and strategist. He is counsel to innovative companies and a firm believer in the infusion of core values into an organization’s every fiber.  Follow Eliot on Twitter: @Wagonheim.