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People issues? 5 actions to take

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. “The problem is always PEOPLE!” Dean Harrington, CEO of Shamrock Financial, made that clear in a recent conversation I had with him and Colleen Ferrary, CEO of Small Business USA. So how do we — owners and CEOs of entrepreneurial small-to-midsized businesses — address this? The answers are many, but here are five non-exclusive approaches that have proven
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accounting and preparation

Looking toward the future: Accounting and preparation

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Since times immemorial, organizations have implemented an annual cycle. This has included full cultures, groups, communities, and more recently, businesses. We prepare each cycle by accounting, taking stock, by preparing, by planning. There are two themes for this period: accounting and preparation. They are different, yet interdependent. Because how we account for the past is how we prepare for the future. "Search" is
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Business organization

7 steps in organization structuring no one takes

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. To take your company up to the next level requires strengthening each of its Six Key Components. That is exactly what we do throughout the EOS® Process. Your people are fundamental to your success. They are the source of many difficult Issues entrepreneurial companies face. Early on in this process, we focus on designing the right structure for
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7 management mistakes no one talks about

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. The Wall Street Journal's Guide to Management by Alan Murray advises that “leadership and management must go hand in hand. They are not the same thing, but they are necessarily linked, and complementary. Any effort to separate the two is likely to cause more problems than it solves.” I could not agree more. Gino Wickman boils the distinctions
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GetBusinessTraction image for SmartCEO

7 leadership mistakes no one talks about

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. There are thousands of books, courses and workshops on how to become a business leader, and even more on how to be a better leader and what leading businesses means. Yet, as Mike Myatt put it in a 2012 Forbes article, “Why do businesses fail? If you’re willing to strip away all the excuses, explanations, rationalizations, and justifications for
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GetBusinessTraction image for SmartCEO

7 yearly planning mistakes no one talks about

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Now is the time of the year when many of us carry out our Strategic Planning for next year. We have a choice. One-Year planning can either be an event or a process. I vote for a process that carries us for the entire year. What about you? Looking for a complete process? Then I highly recommend the
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7 organization structuring mistakes no one talks about

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Every business has an organizational structure. Sometimes it evolves haphazardly, and sometimes you design it deliberately. Yet other times there is a blend between the two. Regardless, the effect of the organization's structure on the business is immense. At every stage, the organization's structure either enhances or hinders that business' movement forward. It either accelerates or slows down
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notes on a napkin

7 business goal mistakes no one talks about

Thought Leadership on an Execution Planning presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Every goal-setting act carries with it a great opportunity. It's the opportunity to move the business forward. It's the opportunity to advance it into its next stage of growth or profitability or stability or just ... fun.
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People sitting in a circle and talking

7 business culture mistakes no one talks about

Thought Leadership on an Execution Plan presented by GetBusinessMomentum. Every organization has a culture. It gets formed at the time the business is started, and gets richer and more mature over time, but at its core never changes -- well, unless it gets corroded from within. We capture the quasi-immutable nature of a business' culture in that organization's Core Values.
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Do you have a grip on your business, or does your business have a grip on you?

Order your copy of Gino Wickman’s book TRACTION

Traction book image

Siergu headshot ABOUT SERGIU S. SIMMEL: Sergiu S. Simmel is Founder and Principal of GetBusinessMomentum, Inc., where he provides senior business execution coaching and consulting services for small-to-midsized businesses worldwide.

His practice focuses on helping business leaders turn their organizations into well-oiled machines by implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. He was personally trained as an EOS Implementer by Gino Wickman, creator of EOS. Sergiu is also a Kolbe™ and Predictive Index™ Specialist.

Since re-forming his practice in 2000, Mr. Simmel has served over 60 clients worldwide in numerous industries. Outside GetBusinessMomentumhe has held business and technology executive management positions at Our Learning Company LLC (which he founded in 2004), MediaMap, Inc., Analine Technologies, eCapitalEdge, New River Inc. (which he founded in 1995) and Penobscot Development Corporation (which he founded in 1991). Mr. Simmel is the inventor on several process patents, and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where he received his M.S. in Computer and Information Sciences.

More information at

 Sharla Jacobs
CEO at Thrive Academy

My husband and I founded Thrive Academy, a professional coaching and training company over 12 years ago. About a year ago we felt we were hitting a ceiling. Everything that had worked for us in spectacularly growing this business stopped working. We needed a different way of operating the business, so we could spend less time running the business and bring it to its next stage. This is when we met Sergiu Simmel and were introduce to EOS.

First, I read the book, Traction. When I did, I knew this was the next step for us, but I also knew we wouldn’t implement EOS without investing and dedicating ourselves to the process.

We hired Sergiu. The impact on our business has been massive! Our organization now is structured infinitely better than before, most of our people are now the right ones for us, and operating in the right seats. As a virtual organization, our communications and alignment are now in a different league. Our focus has sharpened, and we have been able to gradually set better goals that we can actually accomplish. And, most importantly, we’ve started to regain control over the business and traction in the marketplace. Sergiu’s role in all of this has been core. His dedication, his skill of keeping us focused and sharp, his wisdom and detailed knowledge of the nuances of the EOS tools and processes have made the ROI of our investment in this journey extremely high. If you want to take your business to a new heights, I recommend you hire Sergiu right away to help you implement EOS well. You won’t regret it, I promise!

 Shalimar Albanese
Marketing & Client Delight at Shamrock Financial.

Sergiu is the best! Even if you are skeptical about EOS, I highly recommend that you work with Sergiu to discover if EOS is right for you. Sergiu maintains the delicate balance between implementer and the group flawlessly and he keeps our spirits high with his own brand of humor. We experienced tremendous growth and we are on our way to traction!

 Kim Sawyer
President & General Counsel at The Locator Services Group, Ltd.

 I run a small business providing a specialized financial service to very large corporations. I first came across EOS in any depth at a wonderful workshop Sergiu Simmel led for our Women Presidents Organization retreat. I got very excited about the possibilities EOS offered to help me and my team bring my business into the next level, so I immediately engaged Sergiu as our EOS Implementer.

My business was doing well, but it had some execution and people challenges that worried me a lot. A few months into the EOS process, and the transformation of my leadership team and how we operate have been quite remarkable. The level of cooperation, the health of the team, our ability to address issues systematically and effectively, the clarity and alignment on a single vision and plan–none of these could have existed without EOS and Sergiu‘s work with us.

Sergiu Simmel‘s dedication and commitment to our progress has been well above expectations. His ability to keep us on track, to serve as a highly trusted advisor and coach, to hold me and the rest of the team accountable, to teach and guide us through the process have been superb. I fully recommend any business owner or CEO to take a serious look at EOS, and I encourage you to engage Sergiu as your business execution coach, and do so soon; you won’t regret it!

Mark Harris
Chairman and CEO at Thought Leadership Alliance

 After reviewing quite a number of different systems that we could use to help us better execute the vision we have for our organization, we choose EOS, and specifically Sergiu Simmel to help us implement it in our enterprise. EOS is truly revolutionizing the way we get things done in our business. Once my leadership team and I held the 90-minute meeting with him, we knew that was just what we needed.

Sergiu‘s knowledge of the system and its subtleties, his ability to teach it, coach us through our implementation, and facilitate our discussions in the EOS sessions is superb. If you’re considering EOS as the business management system for your own company, and are ready to do some amazing work ON your business, do everything you can to get Sergiu as your business execution coach: it’s worth every penny.

Dean Harrington
Chief Executive Officer at Shamrock Financial

 Sergiu‘s guidance and leadership in helping Shamrock Financial develop and implement the alignment tools necessary to compete in today’s mortgage banking world has been the single best initiative we have engaged in years, maybe decades. He is a tireless worker and posses a unique ability to Sheppard leaders. Our experiences with Sergiu are always a huge benefit to our team and our staff.


Lynn Beaudoin
COO/Integrator at SGS Research ~ Entrepreneur

 I lead a small but growing business in the exploding nutraceutical industry. I first learned about EOS from Sergiu Simmel‘s talk at a conference, and I suddenly realized that this business management system was exactly what our company badly needed to break through the ceiling that has capped our growth for some time. Sergiu‘s dedication to guiding me and my team through the process of implementing the first few tools has been unparalleled.

A few months into the process, and we are substantially more organized, more focused, clearer on our vision & our immediate priorities. Sergiu‘s role as a facilitator, a teacher and an accountability coach has been indispensable; we simply couldn’t have made such a great use of these tools without his guidance. I cannot wait for our next session now! If you have a chance to engage Sergiu as your EOS Implementer, don’t hesitate: any delay is simply delaying your success.

Sally Jenkins
Operations/Integrator at Thrive Academy, LLC

I have been working with Sergiu in learning and implementing the EOS system for the past 6 months. The difference in where we are as a company now compared to the beginning of the year is vast and very exciting.

We can see the changes filtering through to our teams, we’re more connected as a leadership team, we’re moving through issues with efficiency and clarity and for the first time we can really feel the difference the meetings and structure are making to the company. Sergiu has taught and guided us through the whole process with ease including some tough issues and changes we needed to make. We are so much more effective now and can’t wait to see where the company will be 12 months from now! I recommend the EOS system and having Sergiu as your EOS Implementer and coach, you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make to your company.


Mike Williams
President at Winxnet Inc.

Over the history of our company few decisions have had such a significant positive impact as deciding to pursue EOS with Sergiu Simmel. The proven framework of EOS immediately impacted many areas of our operations such as the composition of our leadership team, structuring our organization around accountability, improving the value of our meetings, and aligning the prioritization of daily tasks with our company goals.

Sergiu is an excellent facilitator who can lead a room full of type A personalities, allow us to have fun, and still keep us on track to an aggressive agenda. Best of all Sergiu is a partner who is available and responsive to requests for assistance outside the scheduled sessions.

Winxnet belongs to a peer group with a member that started EOS at the same time we did, but decided to try it on their own. Four months later they are still struggling to implement items that we addressed in the first week. I highly recommend working with Sergiu if you are interested in implementing EOS.

Paul Marston
Owner and President, Abenaqui Carriers, Inc.

Working through the EOS process with Sergiu has been very very fruitful. We found EOS to be a totally comprehensive management system, or what I think better describes it, a roadmap to comprehensive corporate health. Even after the first session with Sergiu, the Focus Day, I could hear the language of our organization begin to change. People started to talk about the accountability chart and being in the right seat almost immediately.

Now over 10 weeks in and we are starting to establish clarity throughout the whole organization on mission and purpose. Our meetings are now much more effective. Having weekly meetings devoted to accountability and issue solving has been a breath of fresh air. We have vision to where we’re going, and were able to take steps on a daily and weekly basis that are aligned to that vision. Without Sergiu, and the EOS process we were just very busy, and weren’t effective.

Initially, I attempted to implement EOS on my own, but I quickly realized that I would be doing my company and the leadership team a disservice. Hiring Sergiu as an EOS Implementer was the best thing we did. The process has been as clear and efficient as anyone could. We are now miles ahead of where we were in the beginning of the process.

Nathan Harris
President at NPWS, Inc.

I run a Massachusetts based digital marketing and web development agency. I first learned about EOS through a business conference. Shortly afterward, I read the EOS Traction book. I was drawn to the suite of business tools and the organized approach of leveraging our leadership team. I reached out to EOS Worldwide to find help. They introduced me to Sergiu—a certified EOS implementer.

Over the course of 6 months, Sergiu has helped guide us through a number of tough issues. We have developed critical communication and decision making systems that we rely on daily. I have no reservation in recommending Sergiu to other growth oriented businesses who are on the move and willing to make a real commitment to investing in its business systems and its leadership team.


Gordon Hirschman
CEO at Vivonics, Inc. and CranioSense, LLC

I run a small biomedical technology development business looking to move our technologies forward as product businesses. I first was introduced to Sergiu and EOS at a workshop he conducted that was sponsored by my CEO Roundtable group 2 years ago. At first I was a bit put-off by the rigidity of EOS and thought we could implement something similar on our own.

Two years later, without a formal system in place, we retained Sergiu to help us implement EOS in our business. The initial results have exceeded my expectations as we gain clarity in our business and implement a routine that assures things are getting done. Sergiu not only has guided us through the EOS process in a way that reveals much more than is written in the books, but he has been insightful and helpful with the dynamics of the leadership team.

If you are looking to implement EOS in your business, I would recommend Sergiu Simmel.

Contact Sergiu Simmel for a free 90-minute execution plan meeting.

I found the workshop to be well structured and presented. The content was rich, as indicated by the pages of notes and thoughts I captured. Sergiu’s interactive style and his rich experience with businesses benefiting from EOS were exemplary. – Ray Ritter, President of Lighthouse Strategix

Sergiu’s ability to teach, deliver value and real business and life insights proved to be exactly what our group of CEOs needed. If you want your business and professional life to grow, gain traction and thrive, I highly recommend engaging with Sergiu. – Gary Anzalone, Former CEO of CEO Clubs of New York City

I want to personally thank you for your Traction [EOS] presentation you made to members of the Entrepreneurs Organization and my management team. You were able to bring clarity to many of the concepts. We look forward to using you as our Traction [EOS] guru and your assistance in making aNetworks great. – Bill Minahan, President and CEO of aNetworks, Inc.

After a workshop with Sergiu Simmel I realized that this program is exactly what I have been looking for 3 years. It offers me a transparent way to look at our business, set goals and manage the people who make it happen. Thank you, Sergiu! – Kate Putnam, Former President of Package Machinery Company Inc.