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Looking toward the future: Accounting and preparation

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Since times immemorial, organizations have implemented an annual cycle. This has included full cultures, groups, communities, and more recently, businesses. We prepare each cycle by accounting, taking stock, by preparing, by planning. There are two themes for this period: accounting and preparation. They are different, yet interdependent. Because how we account for the past is how we prepare for the future.

“Search” is what dominates the accounting theme. It’s a search for, and an examination of, the mistakes of the past year to avoid repeating them. This means taking an honest look at what is trapping us, what is preventing us from truly moving forward.

Fundamental changes do not happen instantly. Transformation is still possible. It is possible to the extent that we, the leaders of the organization, want it. It is possible to the extent that we examine ourselves and identify issues that need work. It is possible to the extent that we invest ourselves in that goal. It is possible to the extent we unload the past. It should not shape our future and bring us back to old patterns.

Constructing a clear plan dominates the preparation theme. A clear plan for the upcoming year, as well as one for the first quarter of the year, should have specific, measurable and attainable goals. The plan should be 100% consistent with the picture of where we want to be in three years’ time — a plan that is consistent with our business’ Core Focus, Core Target and Core Values.

Obviously, habits do not change at a moment’s notice. We have the ability to get into patterns and acquire habits. Similarly, we have the ability to get out of the unhealthy habits and install new patterns. Part of the plan is how we implement them across the entire organization. This implementation always starts with the leadership team.

Organizations that operate well systematically go through an annual accounting and preparation process. A well proven such system is the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). The leadership team’s work culminates in a two-day annual planning session. I facilitate this powerful process for my clients every year. It fully accomplishes both the accounting and the preparation aspects of the process. It also significantly strengthens the health of the leadership team.

Are you ready to take stock of your business in the next couple of months? Ready to account for your 2016 work (successes and mistakes)? Ready to prepare for your 2017 growth?


  1. Learn about EOS. Learn how the EOS model helps you accomplish your vision. Here is a series of 3 short videos.
  2. Learn about Core Focus and Core Values. Learn further nuances of the Core Focus and Core Values of your company from Gino Wickman himself, in this 2-minute video. Then construct yours with the team you directly manage.
  3. Get It Free! Request a free 90 Minute Meeting. In 90 minutes, I will show you and your entire leadership team what the EOS is. I will demonstrate how it works. Finally, I will show you how I go about implementing it for businesses like yours.

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