Friedman & Friedman

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Sari Friedman
Family Business Honoree

Location: Garden City, NY
Founded: 1989
Industry: Law firm
Generations: 2


Friedman & Friedman

Sari Friedman
Senior Partner

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: Friedman & Friedman is a matrimonial and family law firm founded by senior partner Sari Friedman. Today, Friedman works with junior partner Andrea Friedman to provide quality service and legal representation. By collaborating to help clients, Sari Friedman says the two gain a fuller view of each situation, thanks to their different perspectives. This has allowed Friedman & Friedman to thrive.

Quick Tip “When Andrea and I are here working together, we keep our personal lives out of the office.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: When Andrea Friedman joined the firm, she was fresh out of law school, and Sari Friedman agreed to train her as she had a number of other young lawyers. By overseeing Andrea Friedman’s work and teaching continuously, Sari Friedman has helped her gain experience and grow within the company.

CULTURAL VALUES: Friedman & Friedman is dedicated to keeping up with trends and skills as part of its culture. For both Friedmans, this also means making sure the company is up to date when it comes to current technology and the state of the law. Both of these important aspects of the business are constantly evolving, and Friedman & Friedman has also placed a focus on the development of social media.

LASTING LEGACY: As the law firm continues to grow, Sari Friedman hopes that its legacy remains intact. Her goal is to establish Friedman & Friedman as a top-quality service law firm with the knowledge and skill to advocate zealously for clients and their needs.