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  • Georgetown Teaching Financial Management Excellence Award – The Georgetown University College Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching was presented to Kirk W. McLaren in May 2016.  Kirk developed and delivered in class and online financial management programs for mid-career graduate students.  His approach dramatically increased student’s ability to implement financial plans and make business case pitches that earn executive leadership support.
  • SmartCPA Award – Recognized for leading the operational integration of two acquisitions that created the world’s largest provider of experiential programs for high achieving students, increasing EBITDA profit by 15.4% through treasury services alone, and creating a new class of event management insurance with Lloyd’s of London that reduced risk and cost by 45%.

boy scout

Be prepared: Selling your company like a boy scout

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Selling a business might be a CEO’s end-game, a forced necessity, or an opportunity presented unexpectedly, yet proper forethought and preparation is just as crucial here as it is in day-to-day operations. Selling your business is always emotional,
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In growing a valuable business, prevention is better than cure

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. To grow a valuable business – one you can sell – you need to set up your company so that it is no longer reliant on you. This can be easier said than done, especially when, like a
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The curator: How to thrive as a middleman

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Being a middleman (or woman) has become risky business. When was the last time you used a travel agent? Agencies have largely become irrelevant given the rise of online travel booking companies. How about a record/CD store? iTunes
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curb appeal

Getting ready to sell: Does your business have curb appeal?

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Let’s say you’re in the market for buying a house and you go to view one that looks appealing in the ad. How does it look on the inside? The outside? What about the location? What is your
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cash flow

Cash flow: The hidden thing that drives your company’s value

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. You already know your company’s revenue and profits play a big role in how much your business is worth. Do you know the role cash flow plays in your valuation? Cash vs. profits Cash flow is different than
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product reseller

Lessons from Nike: The downside of selling someone else’s product

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Are you tempted to re-sell someone else’s product to boost your top-line revenue? On the surface, becoming a distributor for a popular product can appear to be a simple way to grow your sales — simply find something
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How to hire the right CFO for your business

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Are you ready for a CFO? And what qualifications should your ideal candidate have? The role of a CFO can vary for any organization, depending on a lot of variables. Day in and day out, you may need
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exit plan

What your birth certificate says about your exit plan

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. In our experience, your age has a big effect on your attitude towards your business and how you feel about one day getting out. Here’s what we have found about what shapes your exit plan:  Business owners between
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8 questions you’ll be asked when selling your business

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. One of the most intimidating aspects of selling your business can be facing the barrage of questions during the various management presentations you’ll be doing for potential acquirers. Be prepared to be grilled on all facets of your
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CFO perspective

The CFO perspective: How a CFO thinks, acts and implements

Thought Leadership  presented by Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Last week while lunching with the CEO of one of our client companies, he asked frankly, “Help me to understand. What is the CFO’s perspective? What role do you play in most companies?” In all honesty, he got
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Kirk W. McLaren headshotABOUT KIRK W. MCLAREN:

Kirk W. McLaren, MBA, CPA, CTP, is an accomplished and dedicated CEO, lecturer at Georgetown University, and founder of Foresight CFO Consulting, Inc. Mr. McLaren created the Strategic Financial Management System™ to help business owners and their employees thrive by being in the top percentile of their industry.

Kirk held senior positions to the CFO level at various companies in technology, education, and health services industries. Recently he guided the financial development of DC’s 133 year old health and social service organization, an Internet of Things connectivity provider, and the world’s largest creator of leadership and life success programs for high-achieving students. Mr. McLaren won the SmartCEO Magazine SmartCPA Award for his contributions.

He holds a M.A. in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS, MBA and M.A. in Finance & Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management, Graduate Certificate from Georgetown University in International Business and Trade, Bachelors of Science from University of Maryland University College in Business and Psychology, is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), and a Certified Value Builder (CVB).

In addition to a rewarding finance career, Kirk is married to the love of his life – Nayarit, has two sons Don Fernando and Luke Leonardo, served in the U.S. Army as a Behavioral Scientist during the first Gulf War and is bilingual (Spanish-English). His hometown is Houston and he resides with his family in the Washington, D.C. area.

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