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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1988
Industry: Nonprofit

Erica Hamilton
Executive Director and VP

City Year New York

“For children growing up in low-income neighborhoods, a high-quality public education offers a promise of a brighter future and a pathway out of poverty,” says Erica Hamilton, executive director and VP at City Year New York (CYNY). The education-focused nonprofit partners with public high schools in underserved communities to provide extra human-capital support, in the form of AmeriCorps members. Through CYNY’s work, schools can help more third- through ninth-grade students stay in school and, ultimately, graduate, says Hamilton.

Fun Fact: “We support nonprofits we identify as ‘second stage’ — organizations that have already gone through seed funding but have not yet established a track record that would give them access to larger pools of capital.”

CYNY’s AmeriCorps volunteers spend 10 hours each day at their assigned school, greeting students as they arrive, reinforcing good attendance, and serving alongside teachers to provide extra classroom support. They also work with students in need of extra support, offering one-on-one and group tutoring sessions to help with courses, and encouraging good behavior. Further, the volunteers provide enrichment clubs and project-based learning sessions to help provide a creative outlet for these students.

To continue to offer its services, CYNY has relied on a diverse array of partners in both the public and private sectors. Hamilton reports that over the last three years, the nonprofit has successfully raised revenue exceeding its expenses. In its current program year, CYNY has deployed 307 AmeriCorps members to 27 different partner schools across the city, impacting more than 15,000 students.