Elizabeth Slavutsky

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2006
Industry: Restaurant

Elizabeth Slavutsky

Blue Dog Restaurant Group

Elizabeth Slavutsky grew up in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother, preparing and enjoying food that was both delicious and nutritious. Her home was always filled with guests, and one day she understood why: “It wasn’t just the cooking; it was the atmosphere that was created, and the many laughs that were shared around our dinning room table. It was absolutely inspiring.” Slavutsky founded Blue Dog Restaurant Group as a way to enlighten others about the many ways to find joy in food.

Quick Tip: “I believe that when leading a team, you absolutely must give reason for your team to follow.”

Long before it was considered a trendy super food, a sign in Blue Dog’s Chelsea location was helping customers properly pronounce “quinoa.” To Slavutsky and her family, things like kale and pressed juices have always been staple ingredients. With the knowledge of the best ways to use these ingredients, Blue Dog has been able to capitalize on the craze in an ethical way.

Before launching Blue Dog, Slavutsky spent some time living in Cambodia. “That experience left me with more gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had,” she says. Slavutsky is involved with She’s the First and Chab Dai, both organizations geared towards helping impoverished children.