EIHAB Human Services

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Ahmed Hegazy
Family Business Honoree

Location: Springfield Gardens, NY
Founded: 1997
Industry: Nonprofit
Generations: 2


EIHAB Human Services

Ahmed Hegazy

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: When EIHAB Human Services, a nonprofit serving the developmentally disabled, was founded in 1997, its primary mission was to provide services to minority populations, especially the underserved Middle Eastern population of New York City. Today, that goal remains the same. The company works to reach out to people who might not know that these types of services exist.

Quick Tip: “Don’t take advantage of the business. … Stay along the mission and remember why the business was started.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: CEO Ahmed Hegazy says bringing on new family members requires a due diligence process. He says interested family members go through the same procedures and scrutiny as any other candidate, and EIHAB ensures that family members have the proper credentials, education and experience to take on a role with the company. Hegazy says the family name alone won’t get candidates a position.

CULTURAL VALUES: EIHAB prides itself on being an extremely diverse and inclusive company. The multi-cultural organization represents and employs people who speak a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Creole, Arabic and Urdu. The company’s cultural reach spans areas, cultures and religions that are often underserved, and the company plans to expand that reach even further.

LASTING LEGACY: Hegazy’s mother, one of the company’s founders, built a strong legacy through EIHAB, and it’s one Hegazy hopes to build on. He hopes that he will have the same recognition and legacy to leave behind when he retires from EIHAB. With a vision to expand the nonprofit’s work to all 50 states, Hegazy hopes to keep the family’s name and its mission alive for years to come.