EIA Network Technologies

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Matthew Orent
Family Business Honoree

Location: Long Island City, NY
Founded: 1977
Industry: Technology
Generations: 2


EIA Network Technologies

Matthew Orent
Director of Sales and Marketing
Co-Head, Special Projects

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: EIA Network Technologies is a technology company focused on energy, infrastructure and security. Matthew Orent, director of sales and marketing and co-head of special projects, says the company is like a family, and the honesty and loyalty that go along with that approach are key company values. What’s more, EIA values hard work, and this has helped it retain clients for decades, he says.

Quick Tip “Don’t force your next generation into the business. Encourage them to go out there and do what they want to do, but ultimately help them develop the skillsets that are necessary.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: EIA’s process for onboarding family varies depending on when they join the company, and what role they are stepping into. While some have joined the company right out of college and worked their way up, others, like Orent, joined the company at a senior level after gaining strong work experience outside EIA.

CULTURAL VALUES: The family-oriented culture at EIA fosters relationships and loyalty. This culture has helped the company build great retention, and EIA boasts employee tenures exceeding 10 and even 20 years. Additionally, the company has a clearly defined structure that creates clear responsibilities and expectations.

LASTING LEGACY: “My responsibility, I would say, is to make sure that [EIA is] viable for the next 40 years,” says Orent. “I’ve identified ways that I think can allow us to be more sustainable and to grow and to become a larger presence within the industry.” With the third generation growing up, Orent hopes to make sure the business is healthy and thriving when it’s their turn to take over.