Delicias Andinas Food Corp.

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Manuel Miranda
Family Business Honoree

Location: Maspeth, NY
Founded: 1993
Industry: Food manufacturing
Generations: 2


Delicias Andinas Food Corp.

Manuel Miranda

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: At Delicias Andinas Food Corp., “innovation and integrity are part of the recipe,” says president Manuel Miranda. Miranda says he picked up these two values as a 12-year-old, watching his parents as they ran the arepa business from the family’s home. The family built the business from nothing, and Miranda says this forced them to innovate, or rather, to “make a way where there is no way.” Through his own journey within the company, Miranda has grown to view every thought, word and action as a seed. “Over time, it will yield its fruits in abundance, for better or worse,” he says.

Quick Tip “Make sure you understand the difference between family and business.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: When it comes to working with other family members, Miranda says the most important thing is to have clarity and order of roles. If Miranda’s children want to join the business, he plans to ask them to gain experience working somewhere else first.

CULTURAL VALUES: When it comes to culture, Miranda says trust and inclusivity are key elements. In his leadership position, Miranda doesn’t take trust for granted, but rather expects to earn it from his employees. To do that, he is focused on being consistent. Additionally, Miranda says he values the input of every employee.

LASTING LEGACY: “I don’t want my children to feel they have an obligation to come work for the family business,” says Miranda. “Too often I seen this, and it is usually at the expense of personal freedom and happiness.” With that in mind, Miranda embraces the opportunities Delicias Andinas offers him on a personal level. “I truly love what I do. This is a great environment to learn and improve. There is nothing boring about what I do,” he says.