Declan Leonard

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Declan Leonard

Location: McLean, VA
Practice areas: Business and employment law

Declan Leonard
Managing Partner

Berenzweig Leonard, LLP

“It doesn’t matter if you know everything about a particular area of the law; if you have not also taken the time to form genuine and lasting relationships with your clients, they will simply regard you as a form of Wikipedia to be consulted on occasion, but not as a trusted business advisor,” says Declan Leonard. He believes it’s also important to get out of his comfort zone — a piece of advice he first received from his mother. “I have tried to take that advice to heart in the decisions that have led to a very fulfilling career as a business lawyer,” he says.

QUICK TIP: “Relationships matter.”

rosenthal_lisa_dceo_coi_web_headshot_16“When we started The Mayvin Consulting Group seven years ago, somebody gave us a great piece of advice: Make sure your attorneys, accountants and bankers are a trusted part of your firm. Throughout the years, this has proven very true, and Berenzweig Leonard has been an integral part of our team. Most recently, Declan successfully and professionally negotiated what could have been a very contentious buyout in less than 30 days. Operating under high tempers, numerous involved parties and a very compressed timeline, Declan brought a successful conclusion to a very tense process, ensuring business operations continued without disruption and all parties were happy with the outcome. Berenzweig Leonard has allowed us to focus on the business of our business with the absolute confidence that we are in full compliance with all legal requirements and [have] the right team in place to handle any potential situation.” – Lisa Rosenthal, CEO, The Mayvin Consulting Group