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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2008
Industry: IT

Dana Molina


SureTech co-founder Dana Molina started her career in the international nonprofit industry, but even then, she had a passion for using technology for good. “Throughout my nonprofit career, I always focused on ways technology could address organizational or mission needs of the organizations I worked for,” she says. During her time in the Peace Corps, she built a language lab with donated computers from Microsoft, and taught teachers how to use computers in a way that fostered connections with other teachers.

Quick Tip: “[From] providing great business solutions and resources to our customers to getting dirty doing a stream cleanup to help our town, making connections and helping people and my community … is paramount.”

Today, Molina makes a technology-empowered difference through SureTech. The company provides an IT department platform for businesses, and works to help companies understand technology and their needs. “We make technology make sense, and talk about it in English so businesses can make the right decisions and focus on their business, not troubleshoot their tech,” says Molina. What’s more, SureTech has productized IT solutions, so customers don’t have to deal with varying labor changes.

“My passion is helping people,” says Molina. To that end, SureTech supports the IT for many local nonprofits, and partners with them to help budget properly for IT needs. Molina also sees power in connecting people, and serves as a founding member of Vistage New York Trusted Advisors.