Cost-effectively managing government contracts, sponsored by Berenzweig Leonard, LLP

Compiled by Tina Irgang

SmartCEO and Berenzweig Leonard, LLP gathered a group of government contractors to discuss what approaches they have found helpful in getting an effective debriefing after an unsuccessful contract bid. Panelists also share what steps they have taken to comply with regulations on cybersecurity and labor issues. SmartCEO and Berenzweig Leonard, LLP also asked the CEOs to comment on how they are mitigating risks that arise from a shortening budget cycle.



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Seth Berenzweig, managing partner, Berenzweig Leonard, LLP


John Milam, CEO, Dynamis

Willow Marr, CEO, M2 Strategy

Tony Rivera, Co-founder, Aretec, Inc.

Roby Luna, Co-founder, Aretec, Inc.

Fran Pierce, CEO, Data Systems Analysts, Inc.

Jeff Kim, CFO, Strategic Operational Solutions

Dave Halpen, CFO, AINS

Deepak Jain, CEO, AiNET

Hai Tran, CEO, Veracity Engineering

Thomas R. Lamoureux, President, Veracity Engineering

Jeffrey Shen, CEO, Red Team Consulting

Victor Pirowski, CFO, Mayvin

Sponsor: Terry O’Connor, Partner, Government Contracts, Berenzweig Leonard, LLP

Sponsor: Stephanie Wilson, Partner, Berenzweig Leonard, LLP


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