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Lou Grassi, CPA, CFE
CEO and Managing Partner
Grassi & Co.
A New York SmartCEO Corporate Partner

At Grassi & Co., helping companies succeed by providing high-quality accounting and advisory services isn’t enough. Client service at Grassi & Co. means working side by side with companies and their leaders as their personalized success consultants.

Not only do the professionals at Grassi & Co. develop custom and individualized client programs, they have become thought leaders within the industries they serve. Whether it’s producing industry-specific surveys and reports, or hosting breakfast seminars and executive roundtables, Grassi & Co. ensures its clients are informed about current market and industry matters — all in the name of service to help companies succeed.

Q: What industry vertical expertise and/or service lines does Grassi & Co. offer its clients and how can clients be confident that Grassi & Co. can help them achieve success through all levels of growth?

A: Grassi & Co. is a premier professional service organization specializing in accounting, auditing, tax, technology and business consulting services. We provide professional services to the Construction, Architecture & Engineering, Financial Services, Manufacturing & Distribution, Life Sciences, Retail, Technology, Media & Telecommunication, Food & Beverage, Transportation, Not-for-Profit and Healthcare industries, among others. Due to the intricacies and complexities of each business, we understand that one size does not fit all. As such, we develop customized service offerings to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients’ businesses at every stage of their growth. 

Q: How does Grassi & Co. leverage its strong local ties to provide high-quality national and international accounting and advisory services to businesses of all sizes?

A: In today’s marketplace, our clients look for more than service. They look for knowledge that can help them make sense of a changing environment and keep their businesses moving in the right direction. To remain ahead of the curve, many of our professionals serve on local boards, committees and advisory panels of industry trade organizations. Our involvement in the local market enables us to understand our clients’ goals within the region. When clients’ needs take us outside the local area, our association with Moore Stephens International allows us to address any national and international demands.

Q: List and describe some of the emerging trends that medium and large businesses are experiencing in the marketplace. How does Grassi & Co. work with its clients to anticipate and prepare for emerging trends?

A: Some of the emerging trends facing business owners in our area involve regulatory compliance, succession planning and a strong focus on increasing efficiency to improve the bottom line. In order to provide our clients with the resources they need to succeed in the New York Metro Area, we develop a variety of industry-specific market outlook surveys annually. These surveys focus on providing executives with regional benchmarks and trends to help them run their businesses more effectively.

Q: How does Grassi & Co.’s “one-stop-shop” approach, coupled with its deep industry expertise, help it to better serve its business clients compared to competitors?

A: Grassi & Co. is built around a client-centered, practice-focused approach, providing clients with expertise based around all of their needs. This approach, coupled with our significant involvement in the industries we serve, and our full-suite of services, enables us to provide a more detailed and customized level of service. By providing cross-functional advice and guidance across all segments of the industries we serve, we are well-equipped to bring best practices and industry benchmarks in a variety of areas — including finance, technology and human resources — to each of our clients.

Q: As the accounting and advisory services industry becomes increasingly commoditized, how does Grassi & Co. remain competitive and differentiate its services based on value versus cheapest price?

A: Grassi & Co. is not just an auditing and tax provider. We are success consultants. We take an overall comprehensive and client-centered approach to all engagements and believe that the unique level of service we provide surpasses our clients’ expectations and provides value-added services beyond those offered by the typical accounting firm.

Q: How does education play a role in Grassi & Co.’s relationships with its clients?

A: Grassi & Co. continually develops training courses to enhance our ability to retain the best and brightest professionals. We believe this to be critical to the success of both our service approach and our business strategy. In addition, we extend the training to our clients. Throughout the year, we hold breakfast seminars, lunch-and-learns and executive roundtables for our clients on current market and industry matters.  We believe these seminars are an important service element to help ensure our clients stay current on new market developments as well as industry-specific standards and regulatory matters. The extent of the training we provide helps ensure that our engagement teams and our clients are well versed in the matters affecting their businesses — resulting in higher-quality service and deeper relationships. 

Q: In what ways does Grassi & Co. stay in tune with the needs of the local community?

A: Grassi & Co. is committed to supporting the local community. We continually participate in fundraising activities for local charities and hold large-scale annual events aimed at raising money for a particular charity. For several years, the firm has maintained the “Jeans Friday” initiative, which is a program that allows employees to wear jeans to work on the last Friday of every month, if they are willing to donate $5 to a chosen charity for that month. In 2014 and 2015, Grassi & Co. teamed up with St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters for “Peanut Butter & Jelly Day.” For this event, Grassi & Co. partners and staff made over 11,000 sandwiches, which were distributed to hungry New Yorkers. Because of these efforts by our partners and employees, Grassi & Co. donates thousands of dollars to various charitable organizations over the course of each year.

Q: What strategic decisions has Grassi & Co. made in recent years to position itself for the success of the current and future business climate?

A: Grassi & Co. is always strategic in positioning the firm for success. We focus on organic growth combined with M&A activity to enhance our services and industry focus and depth. This is evidenced by our 2012 merger with Pustorino, Puglisi & Co., LLP, which served to enhance our Financial Services Practice as well as further solidify our firm’s New York City presence. We also launched a new strategic business in 2013, Grassi Technology Consultants (GTC), which assesses the technology and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) needs of our clients and prospects, then designs and implements solutions for their businesses. In 2014, Grassi & Co. merged with The Hochman Group in New City, NY, further expanding our Construction Practice, among others, as well as expanding our geographical reach into the Rockland County, NY, area. In 2015, Grassi & Co. merged with Rispoli & Co., expanding the firm’s service offerings to include tax expertise in trusts and estates.

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