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Jack L. Kopnisky, CEO and President
Sterling National Bank
A New York SmartCEO Corporate Partner

Business owners banking with Sterling National Bank have access to a comprehensive suite of services, asset-based lending, payroll finance and SBA loans. Through both organic growth and a series of strategic acquisitions, the bank has thrived, acquiring a reputation for high-performance banking in New York City and New Jersey.

Q: What’s the underlying mission of Sterling National Bank? In other words, what does Sterling stand for?

A: Sterling National Bank specializes in the delivery of service and solutions to business owners, their families, and consumers within the communities we serve, through teams of dedicated and experienced relationship managers. At Sterling National Bank, our promise to clients goes above and beyond our comprehensive suite of products and services. Our relationship managers offer a full-service experience, providing a single point of contact to coordinate various financial disciplines and streamline the banking process. They’re able to draw upon a unique breadth of tools and expertise, applying a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and serving as a valuable and skilled financial ally.

Q: What specific products or services does Sterling provide to clients?

A: We’re committed to providing products and services designed to help clients coordinate every financial need of their businesses — from loans to credit cards to mortgages to personal financial management. This wide range of services brought together in a customized package helps clients make the best decisions for their future and the future of their businesses.

We’re also equipped to provide solutions beyond traditional banking, offering a range of financing options, including asset-based lending, factoring and SBA loans, to name a few. When needed, clients are connected to experts and decision makers within each field who will help determine the solution that’s right for their business and expediently facilitate the transaction.

We also offer a full suite of cash management services that streamline processes and help businesses manage their finances more productively and efficiently.

Q: How has growth through acquisition been successful for Sterling?

A: Sterling has grown both organically and through acquisition, transforming itself into a larger, higher-performing bank, resulting in significant diversification of the bank’s business mix and geographic footprint. We’ve expanded into New York City and New Jersey and have begun offering specialty lending services, including asset-based lending, equipment finance, factoring and trade finance, and payroll finance.

Both the legacy Sterling and Hudson Valley Bank mergers have brought attractive deposit bases and additional lending and revenue generation opportunities.

As we have transitioned into a high-performance bank, we have also added very talented banking teams with diverse expertise to continue to provide the utmost in personalized service to our clients.

Q: What resources does Sterling have at its disposal that make it uniquely positioned to serve its small- and mid-sized business clients?

A: Sterling has the resources, capabilities and expertise of a large bank, but offers the personalized attention and support of a smaller organization. Our clients do not have to reach out to different departments for different services. Through our team-based model, each client is assigned a dedicated group of financial professionals with a broad range of banking expertise. Each team is led by a relationship manager who acts as a single point of contact, developing customized solutions to address clients’ unique needs and coordinating various disciplines to streamline the banking process.

At Sterling National Bank, we’re able to more effectively meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses by building strong relationships with our clients and understanding the nuances and distinct circumstances of their business, industry and marketplace.

Q: What unique benefits does a relationship manager add to the team-based model Sterling presents to its clients?

A: Clients work closely with their dedicated relationship manager, who takes full responsibility for ensuring that all of their banking needs are met. Sterling relationship managers do more than simply start the paperwork. They take the time to explain why some solutions are more relevant than others, and they make recommendations to achieve results in line with each client’s objectives.

But beyond that, they act as a trusted financial ally, delivering insights and advice on a range of immediate and future challenges. Business leaders have an expert at their side to whom they can turn for an honest and straightforward conversation about the issues facing their business and the environments in which they’re working to thrive.

 Q: How does Sterling provide value beyond banking through thought leadership and industry-specific expertise?

A: Sterling provides thought leadership for business leaders through our Connect program, which delivers information and advice on a variety of topics relevant to running a business. The program includes a quarterly print publication, a bimonthly eNewsletter, webinars and white papers.

 Q: In what ways is Sterling ingrained in the business community and local community through charitable engagements?

A: The Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation’s philosophy regarding contributions to community organizations is based upon a belief that such contributions should enhance the quality of life within the greater New York City marketplace and in New Jersey.

The Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation’s primary focus is on supporting educational programs — initiatives at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels which raise the aspirations of students in the community and promote programs that enhance knowledge in specific areas such as economics, financial literacy and business.

The Foundation also supports community-based programs through broad-based community donations for programs in the following focus areas: health and human services, youth, and community.

The Foundation also provides support for nonprofit community groups by supporting community events that raise funds for the organization’s programs.

 Q: What lies ahead for Sterling? In 5 years, or 10 years, what does Sterling want to look like as an organization?

A: Our main focus is to grow organically and continue to expand our expertise in a broad range of traditional and nontraditional banking solutions to meet the needs of small and middle-market clients. We have a significant opportunity to grow our specialty lending and other niche businesses, which we have already done, in part, through our acquisitions of Damian Services Corporation, the team from Green Campus Partners, and FCC Portfolio. We will continue to leverage our client-centric service delivery model to provide financial resources to businesses across a variety of industries in the New York metro and Hudson Valley regions, and across the country.


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