Consumer health engagement: health ownership, sponsored by Cigna


Compiled by Tina Irgang

SmartCEO and Cigna gathered Philadelphia-area executives to shed light on how individual health ownership continues to be a challenge for employers focused on driving optimal health benefit costs and workforce productivity. This discussion focuses on new customer engagement strategies and ‘health accountability’ plans enabled through incentives, new outreach modalities (health coaching, digital, etc.), and the changing healthcare delivery system. SmartCEO and Cigna asked CEOs to speak about their organizations and their roles as health advocates for employees, why it is important for organizations to create a culture of wellness to improve the health of their employees, lower healthcare costs and improve productivity.


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Sarah Larson, VP of public relations, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.


Michael Araten, president and CEO, K’Nex Brands

Kay Coup, wellness coordinator, SEPTA

Tracy Flint, manager of human resources, GSI Health

Anne Slattery, employee programs manager, Fox Rothschild LLP

Racquel Kelly, director of human resources, Philadelphia Gas Works

Ryan Haaz, general counsel and head of operations, Arcweb Technologies

Charnelle Hicks Gungor, president and CEO, CHPlanning Limited

Dorinda Carolina, chief of human resources, Aria Health

Jeff Rosenblum, vice chairman, FS Investments

Carl “CJ” Joyner, CEO, TRIOSE

Ira Tauber, president, TRIOSE

Sponsor: Julia Huggins, president, Cigna Mid-Atlantic


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