How safe are our schools? Technology solutions to enhance school safety

Thought Leadership on Wireless Communications Technology presented by Communications Electronics

99% of school administrators say student and staff safety and security is their #1 priority.

74% of schools reported one or more incidents of violent crime last year.

64% of school staff say they are “somewhat prepared” for an emergency.

These statistics from Motorola demonstrate the need for continued and enhanced focus on school security and communication. With limited funds and lean budgets, administrators from kindergarten through college acknowledge that instant, reliable communication is one of their most urgent concerns.

The U.S. Department of Education offers a guide for developing high quality school emergency operations plans. First in their recommendations after initiating school emergency management planning is to enact a process for developing, implementing and continually refining a school EOP with first responders and emergency management personnel.

The primary communications tool used by schools and public safety personnel for connectivity is a two way radio system as it provides instant communication when emergencies arise. The technology of two way radios has advanced greatly with the development of new digital radios with many enhanced program options to benefit schools. Schools have multiple opportunities with this new technology including:

  • Connect staff directly and instantly to public safety agencies
  • Seamless integration of voice and data- communicate with staff on their own devices
  • GPS tracking to manage and monitor buses- contact a student or respond to emergencies
  • Connect two way radios to virtually any device on any public or private mobile data network
  • Connect instantly to public safety without talking with a push of a button

As violence in schools escalate, there are new technologies available to provide better communication to schools and campuses. We all want to provide a safe environment for our students and staff.


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