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Common technology mistakes SMBs make, and how to avoid them

Thought Leadership on Managed IT Services presented by SecurElement Infrastructure Solutions.

There’s no question that small business owners wear a lot of hats and are often forced to do more with less. The following are potential technology pitfalls we see commonly in the SMB space.

Price-shopping for the least expensive option

As an outsourced technology provider, we often see the following scenario when working with SMB organizations. A small business owner needs to purchase new computers for his employees, enable his sales team to access company files while on the road, reduce the excessive amount of spam they are receiving, ensure there is a plan so his computers are not offline in the event of a disturbance or disruption, and have a dedicated “go-to” person for when things go wrong or break. So, the small business owner does his due diligence and gets proposals from two organizations. Company A promises to fix all his problems and charge him a nominal monthly fee for ongoing support services. Company B suggests upgrading outdated equipment and installing new software to optimize his current technology investments. Company B’s initial overall investment is more expensive, as is its monthly service plan. The small business owner thinks this is a no-brainer and opts for Company A, which is offering the less expensive quote.

It’s challenging not to fall for the lowest price on the table when budgets are stretched razor thin. However, when price is the only determining factor, it’s really the small business owner who pays the ultimate price and sacrifices the expertise and experience of a proven advisor, spends far more than initially projected, and ends up unhappy and worse off than when they started. Invest your IT dollars in a reputable and reliable outsourced IT provider, one who has the credentials to handle your IT needs. The old adage rings true: you get what you pay for.

Investing in technology only when it breaks

It’s hard to escape the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality, especially when it comes to shelling out precious dollars for technology that isn’t necessarily broken. Many small and mid-sized businesses fall into the same pattern: instead of seeing their technology as an investment that needs to be actively upgraded and reevaluated, they are willing to let it ride and wait for it to break before investing dollars proactively.

The mindset about technology is changing. We advise our clients not to wait to invest in equipment and software, and not to ignore it and wait for it to fail. Companies are looking to squeeze every bit of productivity and efficiency out of their technology, and for good reason.

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