Woman texting while driving

What type of driver are you? Defensive, distracted or uninsured?

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The cure to distracted driving is defensive driving. Simple solution if you are in total control of your car but what about the other cars around you. You might be the most defensive driver on the road but what about the aggressive drivers or distracted drivers and the high number of uninsured drivers on Maryland highways? When you stop at a red light, look around. You, the car to your right, the other one in front of you and the one who was tailgating you from the rear have something in common. One of you is driving without insurance.

One of the drivers may be distracted by work. A law firm paid out a claim for $19,000,000 when a lawyer was calling clients and others on their car’s Bluetooth while driving. The lawyer hit and killed a 16 year old pedestrian. The law firm had encouraged its employees to create billable time while driving. The law firm was also not aware that the lawyer responsible had a bad driving record. The law firm was guilty of negligent entrustment. The law firm had to defend on two fronts. They had encouraged distracted driving and had failed to check the driving record of the lawyer driving their personal auto.

Well, being the defensive driver that you are, this could never happen to you, true?

Let’s take a survey.

On each unsafe driving hazard below, check off the ones which you have done while driving this past week.

  1. Talked on your cell phone
  2. Texted someone or read their text to you
  3. Put on makeup or combed your hair using the rearview mirror
  4. Talked to a passenger who has grabbed your attention
  5. Smoking or drinking while driving
  6. Adjusted the radio or CD player while traveling
  7. Programmed the GPS to find your destination while driving
  8. Allowed your adorable dog sit on your lap behind the steering wheel
  9. Eating a sandwich or drinking while driving.
  10. Taking notes or searching for a phone number

What is your score?

Sorry to tell you but the truth is 1 out of 10 is a failing score from a safe driving standpoint.

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Gordon M Mumpower Jr , President of Commercial Insurance Managers Inc, is a defensive, at times distracted driver who contributes periodically to Smart CEO on Risk Management.