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Battling bots and blockers: Overcoming obstacles to digital video advertising

Thought Leadership presented by Comcast Spotlight. Nearly 75% of all internet traffic will be video by 2017, according to an estimate by Borrell Associates. If digital video isn’t part of your marketing plan already, it’s time to get on board. But taking into account the many unknown factors of the digital space, you have to carefully manage where your videos are being seen – and,
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A date with data – and 2 other smart marketing strategies

Thought Leadership presented by Comcast Spotlight. We can all agree that “big data” had a moment in 2015. You’d be hard-pressed to find a marketing magazine or conference that ignored the data mining trend, and more marketers than ever are starting to apply consumer data to inform their marketing campaigns. This shift has led to a substantial increase in pressure to identify a direct correlation
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Why targeted digital marketing is the wave of the future

Thought Leadership presented by Comcast Spotlight. If you’re paying attention to the media landscape, you’ve probably already noticed that major TV audiences are relegated to sporting events and a handful of high-profile programs. It used to be much more simple – watching TV meant everyone gathered around their TV set, in their home. These days, “watching TV” could mean using your computer, tablet or phone
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Getting on top of the bottom line

It’s an often discussed topic in the marketing world – with the constant influx of technology, the availability of channels for content, and new methods of delivery shaping the way consumers are using and interacting with all forms of media -one thing is certain: the marketing and advertising landscape is changing at a rapid pace. One of the major trends we see within marketing and
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Sauter headshotABOUT LEIGH SAUTER: Leigh Sauter is a Marketing Supervisor at Comcast Spotlight in Philadelphia – the 4th largest media market in the Country. Comcast Spotlight’s mission is to make the complex simple. Audiences are fragmented: watching content from multiple networks, on more devices and subscribing to different communications providers. The good news? We’re the experts in fragmentation, assembling the audience you want to reach, where and when they’re consuming media. We combine actionable marketing intelligence, state-of-the art technology and best-in-class analytics to understand advertising trends and create effective marketing campaigns – optimizing results for every client.

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