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It’s an often discussed topic in the marketing world – with the constant influx of technology, the availability of channels for content, and new methods of delivery shaping the way consumers are using and interacting with all forms of media -one thing is certain: the marketing and advertising landscape is changing at a rapid pace.

One of the major trends we see within marketing and advertising is the shift from platforms to content – for example, shifting from a campaign on TV – a platform – to focusing on video content.

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Why? The major driving factor is mobile and the proliferation of connected mobile devices. People are spending a lot more time with media when compared to five years ago – and often they are in front of more than one device throughout the day. According to eMarketer*, people are watching television for more than 4 hours a day, while spending more time than ever with their phones and on their computers as the availability of content continues to grow – making the idea of ‘platforms’ – radio, TV, newspaper – irrelevant.

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When you look at future models that project media consumption habits five years into the future, you’ll notice that cable TV, gaming and mobile are the mediums on the rise while out-of-home and desktop stay flat, and print/broadcast/radio decline.


To further bolster this argument, we see that businesses and advertisers are recognizing these trends and adapting their spending accordingly, by cutting more money out of their advertising budgets for TV and digital.

The bottom line for marketing professionals is this: As people are consuming more media than ever, in new and different ways, your advertising campaign needs to shift as well. By utilizing a cross-platform campaign across different mediums, you can more effectively get your message across to your target audience. This new approach requires marketers to shift their mindset from focusing on where people are getting their content, to worrying more about finding quality content to pair with their message.

At Comcast Spotlight, it’s our job to be on top of advertising trends in order to be effective consultants to our clients, to set the right expectations & goals, educate them on how our products fit into their marketing strategy, and deliver measurable results.

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