Colleen Molter

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1993
Industry: Professional services

Colleen Molter
Founder and President

Q.E.D., Inc. dba QED National

Prior to founding QED National, Colleen Molter honed her expertise, spending nine years in IT management consulting, seven years teaching computer science and electrical engineering, and eight years at IBM. She founded QED to provide IT services to both the government and private sector, with integrity, quality and technical acumen. “At QED National, we focus on problem solving. There is nothing more important to QED National than our dedicated staff, clients and their data,” says Molter.

Quick Tip: “I believe that working with diverse firms and people makes us a better company.” 

After the dot-com bust and 9/11, Molter says QED dealt with a steep decrease in business. At the time, the company had very little government business, and relied on funding from the SBA to retain staff and stay afloat. Molter asked her team members if they would be willing to accept a salary decrease. They unanimously agreed to it, and helped rebuild the company and continue operations. “This challenge helped shape me as a leader by exercising my ability to stretch people’s boundaries and create faith when faith was hard to come by. People basically want to work in an atmosphere of growth and trust,” says Molter.

In addition to her work at QED, Molter is an active advocate for positive change for the community, specifically for minority- and women-owned businesses. “I am sought out often as an expert on matters surrounding New York City and state legislation for small business and, over the years, have participated and provided leadership on numerous community-based projects,” she says.