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Chief Endurance Officer by Earl Furfine

It’s about trust and communication: How my company moved past gridlock to embrace change

What I saw happening during my company’s transition to Agile was unexpected. I had expected the leadership to spend the time to learn and embrace the new way of doing things. I had expected the staff who knew Agile to “manage upward” and help teach the senior staff how things can move forward without using the exact method they were familiar with. So, what happened?
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Giving staff appreciation: The right time for the inspirational speech

I have the pleasure of working with some amazingly talented and intelligent individuals. We have what I feel is a great work-life balance. While we have had projects that challenge us from time to time, our current objective of pivoting from a professional services company to a product company has placed stress on areas from staff, corporate culture, family balance all the way to system
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Do you really need to say that right now? Policing your words

When you are in a meeting, conversation or similar environment, and you feel that burning desire to say something, ask yourself these three questions: Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said by me? Does it need to be said right now?
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Are your personal and professional brands aligned?

As my companies grew from two or three people to over 100, slowly the corporate brand grew as well. Customers did not know me by name, but knew the company name and recognized that the staff exuded the same integrity, work ethic and employee-based focus that I personally had created.
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Just tell the truth: Accountability lessons from the trenches of outsourcing

Accountability and honesty are hard to practice. In many cases, you can be greeted with hostility, disappointment or resentment. What I have discovered over the past 15 years is that eventually one is treated with respect and admiration.
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Earl M. Furfine

Leaders you should know: Earl M. Furfine, CPA, PMP, CITP, CGMA President and COO, 5AM Solutions — A 5AM wake-up call
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Leader vs. parent: Effectively managing the many aspects of your life

Being a leader is much more than a title or a management philosophy. It’s taking the time to reflect on the situation and react in a way that is firm but constructive, whether it’s with family, friends or employees.
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Keeping your priorities straight while distractions abound

With as little as an hour a day of uninterrupted personal time, I have managed to keep my inbox around 100 items, many of which are long-term, my text inbox clean and my daily tasks germane and appropriate.
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Why your words and promises are more important than written contracts

If something is not in writing, and it was promised, you should still deliver as you would on a written contract. Broken contracts can always be repaired by clever attorneys, compensation and negotiation. Broken promises stay in the universe forever.
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Coach yourself to give better, more frequent performance feedback

What I have found with both triathlon and business is that coaching and being coached in a consistent manner with specified intervals for feedback (or direction, depending on which end of the coaching I am on) yielded a greatly enhanced racing and work experience.
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ABOUT EARL FURFINE: Earl M. Furfine, CPA, PMP, CITP is an endurance racer, serial entrepreneur and IT professional. He speaks on a variety of program management efficiency topics as well as the connection between endurance racing and large-scale IT program management. www.5AMsolutions.com. efurfine@5amsolutions.com. Contact us at editorial@smartceo.com.