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Top 5 reasons to host your company’s holiday party in January

Thought Leadership presented by Cescaphe Event Group

  1. A busy time in the office

For most industries, the end of the year marks the busiest time. From year-end reports to closing budgets, it is a time when both management and employees are spread thin and already working overtime to get the work done. A January party allows your staff to focus on getting their work done without the added distraction of the holiday party.

  1. A busy time in employees’ personal lives

The busy work environment is only compounded by the busy schedule of your employee’s own personal lives. There’s shopping, school functions and get-togethers with close friends and family that quickly fill up employees’ nights and weekends. A January party allows your staff to spend their personal time with their loved ones preparing for their own holiday celebrations.

  1. Give employees something to look forward to post-holiday

The winter blues are nothing to joke about. That post-holiday crash when you realize all of the fun and excitement is over and it is back to the cold, dark winter nights affects almost everyone. Hosting your party in January gives staff something to look forward to in an otherwise uneventful time of year.

  1. Theme parties are more fun

Most company holiday parties are a more formal event that keep to the theme of the season. A January party allows planners to break from the “merry merry” and think outside the box when it comes to the party theme. From disco to tropical, and thousands of ideas in between, attaching an entertaining theme to your party allows for a more casual and comfortable party environment for both you and your employees.

  1. Special rates

Of course a January party needs to make business sense, and the special rates that venues and vendors are able to offer during the slower winter months allow you to take your company party up a notch or two without going over budget.

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