Batman vs. Superman: The true greatness behind successful alliances

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The excitement is undeniably in the air for the iconic battle between our fictional heroes Batman and Superman. You might be wondering why they are even fighting in the first place. Immediately, it is apparent that the movie is not a straightforward “versus” movie, as the abbreviation “v” was chosen by the film’s director, Zack Snyder, deliberately. This subtlety gears us up for the alliance fortified (aka Justice League) between these colossal titans, and introduces other Justice League members, such as Wonder Woman and Flash, for their first cinematic debuts. Of course, we all want to see to what extent their strengths and weaknesses will be tested on the big screen, but the collaboration is what saves mankind in the end. This brings us to the aggressive rivalry and collaboration between the corporate conglomerates Microsoft and Apple, and their co-founders, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. It is uncanny how many of their character-building traits and forged alliances are similar to those of Batman and Superman. We compiled the cornerstones of these four legends that are no strangers to fortifying weaknesses with alliances.

For the sake of argument, Gates will be compared to Batman, and Jobs to Superman. Let’s explore further.


Before he embraced his fear of bats and became Batman, Bruce Wayne was always enraptured with humanitarianism. Fear of self is the only thing that can stand in the way of true greatness. Batman’s intellect and moral code symbolizes how we can be common, yet still find alternate resources to better mankind. What makes him invincible is his survival instinct to build a foray of defenses against super heroes and super villains, since he lacks any special powers. He knows everyone’s weakness and this is the edge he uses to protect the innocent.


Gates is the epitome of a brave pioneer in the business world. Known as the best business deal ever made, young Gates shook hands with IBM upon their request for an operating system that didn’t even exist. Immediately Gates purchased an operating system for $50,000 from a small software developer and licensed it as MSDOS. This bold move made Microsoft a fortune and changed the personal computer industry forever. Gates then set out to change the world again, only this time empowering others with his foundation’s staggeringly philanthropic and education efforts.

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