Cerami & Associates, Inc

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Victoria Cerami
Family Business Honoree

Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1965
Industry: Acoustical, audiovisual, IT
and security consulting
Generations: 2


Cerami & Associates, Inc.

Victoria J. Cerami

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: Though Cerami & Associates, Inc.’s founder, Vito Cerami, didn’t write his core values down, CEO Victoria J. Cerami says he lived them. “In my mind, he was the very definition of being passionately responsible to his clients and his team, and his curiosity is what actually created the industry that we have today in terms of acoustics,” says Cerami. Today, Cerami & Associates’ founding values manifest themselves in the form of the company’s three pillars: curiosity, empathy and expertise.

Quick Tip: “Always look for mentors and ask them lots of questions.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: Cerami says when she joined the company, her father was harder on her than any other employee, holding her to a tougher set of guidelines and rules. She says that if her son wanted to join the company, she would give him the same treatment. When Cerami was 27, her father died and she was thrust into running the company. She says his training paid off.

CULTURAL VALUES: “What’s important [is], what are your core values and how does that culture hold true for generations to come?” says Cerami. “How do you continually reinforce your purpose?” For Cerami, that purpose is to create sustainability, so she emphasizes the importance of building relationships with both clients and team members.

LASTING LEGACY: Cerami sees her own legacy, and that of the company, as her father’s legacy. She has taken the foundation he built and expanded on it to take the company in new directions. “I think the people will see Cerami & Associates, or see me, as putting acoustics in technology and really creating a business around that, and how it drives the successful environment for many things,” she says.