Central Digital Solutions Inc.

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Sean Infante
Family Business Honoree

Location: Melville, NY
Founded: 1948
Industry: Technology
Generations: 3


Central Digital Solutions Inc.

Sean Infante
Executive Vice President

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: When Central Digital Solutions Inc. was founded, the company sold typewriter equipment and related office products. Today, its selection of products and services looks a bit different than it did in 1948. But while Central Digital Solutions innovates to match today’s technological advances, its mission of growing the business and providing excellent customer service hasn’t changed, says executive vice president Sean Infante.

Fun Fact “Our company started as a dream by my grandfather, who originally learned the trade during World War II, in the quartermasters division of the U.S. Army Air Corps. … where he serviced typewriters for the war effort.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: Though Infante is the only member of the family who works full-time at Central Digital Solutions, the company still has a policy for bringing in future family members. Infante says family members must begin their work with the company at an entry level and work their way up through the different departments. Infante, his father and his grandfather moved up in the company through that same process.

CULTURAL VALUES: Central Digital Solutions’ culture revolves around maintaining a high level of honesty and loyalty to both employees and partners. What’s more, as the times have changed, the company has embraced the importance of adapting as well.

LASTING LEGACY: “I would like our legacy at Central Digital Solutions to be what it originally was: … hard work, family values, honesty and an unending commitment to our customers,” says Infante. “My hope is that mine and my partners’ children will carry on the legacy of our tradition here.”