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Game theory: To win, you have to know which rules (not) to follow

Many relevant distinctions come out of games that can help in constituting a competitive design. One thing to remember is that somebody invented all games. They didn’t just come out of nowhere. This is true of business as well — the first thing to happen is that somebody declares the game. The next thing is to specify a set of rules for the game.

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Changes that stick: How to develop the willpower to make your resolutions last all year

Fred Mael Headshot

You may have resolved to make lasting changes to your behavior this year — things you would do more often (exercising, networking) or would stop doing (smoking, gambling, screaming at employees). Chances are that you are back in the same rut, with sagging resolve and feeling disappointed with yourself once again. Or you are still hanging on, but starting to waver. How can you succeed at making changes last?

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How Dr. Mark Reed is building St. Joseph’s University into a 21st-century learning institution

Marc Kramer

In 2015, the board of trustees at St. Joseph's University elected Dr. Mark Reed as the first lay president in the Jesuit institution's 165-year history. In his time leading the university, Reed has found quick acceptance among the faculty because of his energy, directness and always present sense of humor. Here, he discusses his vision for St. Joseph's, and how a 21st-century university can best serve its students.

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Marketing in crisis: 5 tips for meeting problems head-on

Larry Alton

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, but it’s also created a dangerous situation: a crisis can emerge and become a major news piece at any moment, 24 hours a day, and you need to be ready to respond. In fact, social media even causes these crises, whether due to an unfortunate tweet by an employee or an inflammatory customer comment. Social media is a public forum and anything can happen.

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