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Why companies should focus on relationships, above all else

businessman looking for a handshake

Thought Leadership on ERP presented by SWK Technologies. I recently had the privilege of gathering almost every employee at SWK Technologies together for a fun and productive two-day staff event, which included our annual meeting. As I looked around at everyone in the room on the first day, I watched them laugh, chat, share recipes, comment on recent sports games, and ...

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Decommissioning legacy applications: 6 priority questions

business applications

Thought Leadership on Business Strategy & Technology Value presented by Paragon Solutions. A typical IT environment contains legacy systems comprised of applications and data that have been superseded by new solutions, or inherited as a result of business mergers or acquisition. Legacy applications are of low value to a business, but they must be maintained and supported to ensure access to ...

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3 reasons “hyperlocal marketing” cannot be ignored

marketing to a select few people

To what extent do you focus on your immediate geographic location in marketing your business? If your response falls within the range of “negligibly” to “not at all,” you might want to consider adding significant stress to this dimension in your promotional efforts – even if your company is focused on attracting nationwide or international customers. What’s the purpose behind directing attention toward customers who are so close at hand?

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Getting on top of the bottom line

Comcast_bottom line

It’s an often discussed topic in the marketing world – with the constant influx of technology, the availability of channels for content, and new methods of delivery shaping the way consumers are using and interacting with all forms of media -one thing is certain: the marketing and advertising landscape is changing at a rapid pace. One of the major trends ...

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Do you want to avoid a fire? Dashboards are the answer.

protection meter

Thought Leadership on Business Intelligence presented by 9DOTS Management Corp, LLC   For years, people have sought the crystal ball. A way to somehow sniff out disaster before it occurs. The ability to possess this knowledge gives a leveraged advantage to those that have it. Clearly, if you knew things before they happened you could make decisions to avoid disaster. Sometimes ...

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Telecom contract negotiations: 5 mistakes you don’t want to make

People negotiating a contract

Thought Leadership on Telecommunications presented by TeleStrategy, LLC. As we are meeting with our clients to discuss 2016 priorities, one of their most dreaded projects is rebidding their telecom services and negotiating a new telecom provider contract. While our firm handles these details for our clients, don’t feel like you are alone if you are completely confused by telecom agreements and ...

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3 steps to kicking off a successful vertical marketing campaign

Marketing campaign on a chalkboard

Thought Leadership on Revenue Growth Through Increased Qualified Leads and Closing Ratios presented by Verasolve. A vertical marketing strategy is tightly focused on meeting the needs of a specific audience. By tailoring your message to a specific industry or market, you are maximizing your engagement efforts and likely shortening the sales cycle and lessening the cost of sales. Step #1 – ...

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How to retain top talent

business presentation

Thought Leadership on Deferred Benefits presented by Schiff Benefits Group. Phantom stock plans are written contractual arrangements between the company and the key employee which are designed to mimic actual stock ownership. These plans generally involve the granting of a stated number of stock units which are credited to the key employee’s account. Each unit has the equivalent value of an ...

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3 ways to leverage your executives’ visibility and gain a competitive advantage

Professional business team

Thought Leadership on Leveraging Your Executives to Increase Company Visibility presented by Brand ID Strategic Partners. Imagine… Sitting around the conference table with your executive team looking at the numbers, studying your industry trends and trying to figure out why you are still struggling despite the fact that you have increased your sales budget, hired top talent and unveiled a new ...

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5 warning signs your brand is stale

Expired branding image

Thought Leadership on Branding/Growth Strategies presented by Catalpha Advertising & Design. The movie “13 going on 30” was on cable the other day. (I love the “Thriller” scene.) The competition between two magazines that results in one having to reinvent itself is the backdrop for the drama between Jena, Matt and Lucy. When the staff is told that corporate “… dropped ...

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