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3 reasons your children are safer in school than ever before


Thought Leadership on the Technology of Security presented by SOS Technology Group. 65 percent of US Public schools reported one violent incident in 2013-2014 according to the NCES. The news gives us all concern about another shooting at a school, mall, or public venue. As parents, we worry about our child’s safety, and safeguarding them while at school can be a ...

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5 secrets to picking the perfect PR firm

PR buzz words

Thought Leadership on Integrated Marketing Communications presented by RMR Associates These five questions will help you find the public relations firm that fits your growing business. If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business – and who isn’t? – it’s smart to turn to a public relations firm. The right PR firm can devise a strategic, integrated plan ...

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What type of driver are you? Defensive, distracted or uninsured?

Woman texting while driving

Thought Leadership on Property & Casualty/Risk & Insurance Management presented by Commercial Insurance Managers. The cure to distracted driving is defensive driving. Simple solution if you are in total control of your car but what about the other cars around you. You might be the most defensive driver on the road but what about the aggressive drivers or distracted drivers and ...

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Where to locate your business

woman working

It is often stated (and somewhat worn) that real estate is driven by 3 factors – location, location, and location. And if you asked real estate and site selection professionals, traditionally corporate CEOs, they typically focused on where they lived as opposed to where their work force lived. This is no longer the case.

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The top 3 office productivity killers

sleeping office worker

Thought Leadership on Wireless Communications Technology presented by Communications Electronics. Obviously there are many factors contributing to lost productivity at the office – too many to list – but subjectively speaking here are my suggestions for the top three: It’s Fantasy Football season . . . you know what that means . . . Facebook. Your mobile device has no ...

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STEM & the future of tech


Thought Leadership on Business Insights presented by Sterling National Bank. With the advent of interconnected devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) and tech systems, STEM education networks are hot. Is your business ready to attract future talent with infrastructure and training? The rise in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the value of data demands skilled workers in the STEM fields ...

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Cadence: an important tool for maintaining leadership team alignment

Leader giving a presentation

Thought Leadership on Igniting Growth in Stuck Companies presented by Relationship Impact. Webster defines cadence as the flow or rhythm of events, especially the pattern in which something is experienced. We define leadership team cadence as the necessary pattern of interactions (meetings, one-on-ones, written communications) that enable a leadership team to shape, monitor and adapt an organization’s strategic intent. Two words are emphasized ...

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Decommissioning legacy applications: 6 priority questions

business applications

Thought Leadership on Business Strategy & Technology Value presented by Paragon Solutions. A typical IT environment contains legacy systems comprised of applications and data that have been superseded by new solutions, or inherited as a result of business mergers or acquisition. Legacy applications are of low value to a business, but they must be maintained and supported to ensure access to ...

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All my exes have nexus in texas…

man frustrated with taxes

Thought Leadership on Tax and Audit presented by ClearView Group. …or most other states. Maryland, Virginia, New York, California, Texas….more states than you may realize have some sort of tax exposure. While most business leaders are fairly knowledgeable on their income tax filing and reporting requirements such as federal and home state income tax rules, there are some other “nuisance” ...

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Why companies should focus on relationships, above all else

businessman looking for a handshake

Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by SWK Technologies. I recently had the privilege of gathering almost every employee at SWK Technologies together for a fun and productive two-day staff event, which included our annual meeting. As I looked around at everyone in the room on the first day, I watched them laugh, chat, share recipes, comment on recent sports games, ...

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