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Cybersecurity is everyone’s priority

security compas

Thought Leadership on Business Insights presented by Sterling National Bank. One of the biggest concerns surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) is data security. More devices than ever are transmitting more data than ever, posing a significant threat to businesses tied in to the IoT. In the past, an individual or department might be responsible for data security and cybersecurity within ...

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Changing your strategy: The art of the pivot

businessman deciding which way to turn

Thought Leadership on Lending presented by Gibraltar Business Capital. Trying to maintain status quo in a small business is nearly impossible, and potentially detrimental. Today’s increasingly dynamic and fast-moving business environment demands continuous assessment of your business and your market, coupled with an openness to change where and when necessary. Without this kind of mindset, any organization can quickly lose touch ...

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3 reasons “hyperlocal marketing” cannot be ignored

marketing to a select few people

To what extent do you focus on your immediate geographic location in marketing your business? If your response falls within the range of “negligibly” to “not at all,” you might want to consider adding significant stress to this dimension in your promotional efforts – even if your company is focused on attracting nationwide or international customers. What’s the purpose behind directing attention toward customers who are so close at hand?

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Telecom contract negotiations: 5 mistakes you don’t want to make

People negotiating a contract

Thought Leadership on Telecommunications presented by TeleStrategy, LLC. As we are meeting with our clients to discuss 2016 priorities, one of their most dreaded projects is rebidding their telecom services and negotiating a new telecom provider contract. While our firm handles these details for our clients, don’t feel like you are alone if you are completely confused by telecom agreements and ...

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7 organization structuring mistakes no one talks about


Thought Leadership on an Execution Plan presented by GetBusinessTraction. Every business has an organizational structure. Sometimes it evolves haphazardly, and sometimes you design it deliberately. Yet other times there is a blend between the two. Regardless, the effect of the organization’s structure on the business is immense. At every stage, the organization’s structure either enhances or hinders that business’ movement forward. It ...

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Cadence: an important tool for maintaining leadership team alignment

Leader giving a presentation

Thought Leadership on Igniting Growth in Stuck Companies presented by Relationship Impact. Webster defines cadence as the flow or rhythm of events, especially the pattern in which something is experienced. We define leadership team cadence as the necessary pattern of interactions (meetings, one-on-ones, written communications) that enable a leadership team to shape, monitor and adapt an organization’s strategic intent. Two words are emphasized ...

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Millennials & the digital age: Why your corporate culture shift needs to happen now

Young people on technology

Thought Leadership on Women’s Leadership presented by Grace Killelea, CEO of The GKC Group & Half the Sky Leadership. Corporations have spent millions of dollars over the past several years to adapt to the Digital Age, updating technology and revamping internal systems. Technology though is not a stand-alone solution. As PWC’s Strategy& consultants say in Building a Digital Culture, “This kind of major ...

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An exit plan requires vision

businessman looking at the road ahead

Thought Leadership on Exit Planning presented by Stony Hill Business Brokers.  Most business owners have a vision for the future of their business. They plan investments to maximize the return. They plan marketing campaigns to take advantage of the latest trends in the market. They have a view of the organization as the business grows over time. They prepare five year ...

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How to retain top talent

business presentation

Thought Leadership on Deferred Benefits presented by Schiff Benefits Group. Phantom stock plans are written contractual arrangements between the company and the key employee which are designed to mimic actual stock ownership. These plans generally involve the granting of a stated number of stock units which are credited to the key employee’s account. Each unit has the equivalent value of an ...

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5 ways social selling can help grow your business

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Thought Leadership on Online Staffing presented by Salesmatchr powered by MyStaffNow. Two weeks ago, I attended an Institute of Excellence in Sales & Business Development event where, once a month, sales professionals of all sorts gather to hear experts in their field talk about some aspect of selling. There, Colleen Francis, author of Nonstop Sales Boom, gave a talk on many ...

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