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Perpetual learning: Rethinking the traditional approach to executive education

As a Baker Scholar and fresh graduate (with High Distinction) of the MBA program at Harvard Business School, Frank Spencer took the next logical step in his professional development: He applied for admission to Central Piedmont Community College to study construction estimating. Within a decade, Spencer became president and CEO of real estate developer Cogdell Spencer Inc.

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All about relationships: Ryan Clark explains how PeopleShare has navigated its fast growth

Marc Kramer

In 2005, Ryan Clark co-founded staffing company PeopleShare. At the time, the company had a sales team of two — Clark and his co-founder, Dave Donald. Since then, PeopleShare has hired more than 150 employees, and its rapid sales growth has earned it a place on the Inc. 500 list. Here, Clark shares the ups and downs of working closely with a co-founder, and how the two resolve disagreements.

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The pace of innovation: Keeping up with disrupters is vital to your success

The difference between innovation and invention is that innovation improves upon something that already exists. Once the wheel was invented, it didn’t need to be re-invented — just improved through subsequent innovation. To ensure the relevance of your business, you don’t need to reinvent the proverbial wheel, but you do need to make innovation a priority.

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5 social media marketing trends every CEO should know about for 2017

Sherron Washington

As the social media realm expands with new trends, new platforms and new rules, it has become very challenging to understand which platforms to use primarily, and even more frustrating to manage them all. However, to maintain a competitive advantage, companies must be attentive to the latest changes, updates and trends.

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